An internet traffic researcher in Russia says 10.7 million individuals visit adult sites at least once every month, spendingon average, 11 minutes each session. The viewer may be bigger according to PornHub data.

The report on the preferences of Russian pornography fans was prepared from the company Mediascope for its information website RBC.ru. The company preferred by Russians, and monitored traffic of about a hundred websites hosting content.

According to the data, about 11.3 percent of adults in Russia hit among the sites at least once per month within the year. Daily 1.6 million individuals visit porn sites. A session usually lasts about 11 minutes, the report stated.

A typical user of content is male has income and no kids of their own, the company it conducted in December.

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There is a caveat, however. The Mediascope information was for desktop users using RBC presuming that visitors to adult sites is irrelevant\. This may be wrong, judging by the yearly report printed by PornHub, a major porn website.

According to it, computers really are popular amongst porn audiences in Russia, more than in any other country. But the share of this platform was 40 percent in 2018, down from 48 percent in 2017. \The more audience could be almost 27 million in Russia, like PornHub does In the event the adult sites get 60 percent of the visitors from mobile phones and tablets.

PornHub additionally says Russians invest 7 minutes 48 minutes on average each visit — at least partially an indication of \online bandwidth, rather than libido peculiarities in the country.

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