4 Technologies to Watch Out For in 2019


As you’re reading this, amazing advancements in technology are being made. Let’s talk four of the greatest tactics to be on the watch for in 2019.

 1 Efforts That Change Your Truth

augmented reality and virtual reality aren’t going anywhere in 2019 — if anything, they’re only likely to gain more traction in the entertainment world. Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, or even visiting a museum, you may expect to see more intriguing choices that’ll change how you experience all these mediums. How can it work? Virtual reality games focus on stimulating the player experience by incorporating their selection of vision, including peripheral vision, using VR lenses. The game feels genuine when the game universe encompasses the player’s vision\. However, the experience extends far past the elements. With the capability to track eye and eye movement and maximum technology, VR encounters can be immersive and more realistic. What do we anticipate for the future of AR and VR? With players \from the combination, we see that these technologies become more broadly available to customers. And generally, we’ll start seeing VR adventures even and in advertising content in coaching applications like flight VR.

 2 Tech Which Analyzes Your Energy

Tech in 2019 isn’t just likely to revolve around the way we associate with our devices more– it is also going to be able to inform us a bit more about ourselves. The tech behind Kirlian aura cameras has been around since the 1930s, created by Semyon Kirlian. What exactly does it do? An aura camera pops an image of you while still capturing the energy which you release in the entire world (how others see you). This experience can help you learn about yourself and also allow you to check in on how you express your moods and energy. Is this technology important? It’s become easy to distance ourselves from everything makes us us, as we rely more on tech\. So as you’re in between scrolling through Instagram, and speaking to your adoring pocket-sized robot, Siri — take a minute to check in on your aura\.

 3 High Tech Transportation

We’re not talking about Uber and Lyft, here. Anticipate transportation in 2019 to become more accessible–even once you don’t always observe a person in the driver’s seat. That’s right, self-driving cars are beginning to make their way on our roadways. Google is currently testing their driverless car solution, Waymo, in select cities. The project began in 2009, along with the job’s mission is to provide accessible, safe 24/7 transport with no motorist. Can you feel yourself tensing up at the backseat? Do not fear, co-pilots that are nervous. Google says Waymo is really the driver in the street with millions of miles of knowledge and the ability. Waymo is already beginning analyzing these driverless rides in Phoenix, to mixed reviews. Though some residents are enjoying the convenience of the service to work or make it home safely from a night out, there are some obvious concerns about cars driven by robots will impact lifestyles and the roadways of passengers and pedestrians. There has been one fatality involving a Waymo automobile already in Phoenix, which poses the question–who is liable for these episodes\? Only time will tell what the future for vehicles resembles, although there are a number of major elements to be worked out.

 4 Tech That permeates Creativity

By bioprinting bone, skin, and even blood vessels, to generating missing bits out of a house toolkit, the options are infinite with 3D printing. Tech experts are stating you can expect 3D printers to be accessible to consumers 2019. As you might find them in each home in the area, libraries, schools may be noticed by you, and facilities will start using this tech more and much more to facilitate learning and effective manufacturing processes.


Even the universe of technologies is never absolute. New improvements are happening every second. And unless you are Bill Gates or even Elon Musk, there’s nobody out there that could say what the hottest thing in technology will be but that’s the fun part.


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