It’s no surprise that travelling is expensive. Granted, it’s not as expensive as it used to be thanks to a proliferation of budget airlines, but between flights, hotels, eating out and sightseeing, the expenses add up quickly. But for the savvy traveller traveling doesn’t have to break your bank. Whether you’re a first-time student looking to travel or a seasoned veteran, with some foresight and choice information there are a number of different tactics you can use to save – and in some cases even gain – money while travelling. We’ll take a look at some of the most pertinent ones below.

1 Be flexible with your flight dates

Often the most costly part of any holiday, flights can be hugely expensive, especially when booked in peak times. Airlines make a lot of their money by charging exorbitant amounts for last-minute flights, as well as flights on the weekend and during public holidays. It, therefore, makes sense that you stand to save a huge sum if you choose to travel during less popular times. Obviously, you need a certain amount of flexibility – something that not everyone has the luxury of – but if you can, try and travel on off-peak days or seasons if you’re hoping to find a cheap flight deal.

2 Claim money back on delayed flights or being denied boarding

If you’ve ever found yourself at the mercy of a four-hour delay, a cancelled flight or you’ve been denied booking because an airline overbooked a flight, you’re in luck. Instead of simply accepting your fate, airlines have to, by law, compensate passengers with certain vouchers, accommodation arrangements as well as a monetary payout to make up for the inconvenience and negligence. If you’re subject to a delayed flight or denied boarding, claims companies like AirHelp can help you claim compensation in a timely and hassle-free manner. Alternatively, you can contact the airline yourself.

3 Consider Couchsurfing

If you’re more of an adventurous traveller and would really like to immerse yourself in the local culture, then consider joining Couchsurfing and stay with people for free. Rather than sink hundreds into costly hotels, Couchsurfing lets you travel for free by staying with locals who are looking to meet people from different countries. It’s a cultural exchange that works out wonderfully for both the host and the traveller.

4 Bring a water bottle with you

This might seem like some obvious advice, but it’s amazing how many people don’t eschew it. By bringing a simple, reusable water bottle with you, you’ll accumulate savings throughout your entire trip. Rather than wasting money buying expensive bottled water – especially in places like airports where the prices are insane – simply bring an empty water bottle which you can easily get through security and fill up at your leisure at any number of different locations.

5 Bring food on the flight

Scared off by the strict security measures which passengers have to endure in order to get through an airport, many people don’t know that you can bring food on your flight. It’s a good tip to know, as preparing food at home and bringing it with you will save you incredible amounts rather than buying the overpriced, bland and unhealthy food on an airplane.


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