Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox has again lashed out at Donald Trump, decrying his divisive and confrontational approach to the whole planet as’America is fantastic, F*** the remainder’ — even doubting the US president humanity.

“He does not seem to be a human being, he only looks like a machine, he doesn’t have any empathy,” Fox told CNBC on Sunday, on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in Dubai.

Specifically, Fox, who served as Mexico’s president from 2000 into 2006, criticized Trump’s desire to construct a wall of sorts between the two countries, stating that sowing division is that the US President’s way-to-go with the whole Earth, in addition to within his own country. When the US continues to pursue such policies it’ll be left “nationalism, or a nation state that Trump is claiming, or partitions to split, or rising apart in the world and stating only America is fantastic, along with the rest, f*** you.”

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“That is the big, enormous problem of now, in the united states, the split. When the leader is calling competitive means for individuals, when the leader is not uniting, then you’ve got this split,” Fox emphasized.

We don’t need partitions, we want bridges of knowledge, bridges of discussing; that is exactly what needs to be completed in the very immediate future

The prior Mexican leader has blasted Trump above his comments regarding Mexicans and harshly criticized the wall programs — especially Trump’s claims to make Mexico pay for it. Last Aprilhe explained that it was out of question, stating that his nation would never cover “for this f***ing wall” He sported a T-shirt reading “Can’t construct a wall mounted if your hands are too modest,”referencing a favorite meme about Trump. 

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At one point, Fox even went up to to compare Trump to Hitler, noting similarities in their way of speech. He also stated that it’s not just Mexicans who are confounded by Trump, and accused him of confrontational foreign policies that insult “everybody” while the US pioneer is fighting the “entire world”

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