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Earlier, France sent approximately 300 troops, five tanks, along with also 20 infantry fighting vehicles to a military base situated close to the Russian border with the Baltic States in an attempt to boost NATO’s existence in the region.

Five AH-64 Apache attack helicopters of the British Royal Force have arrived to the Amari Air Base in Estonia as a part of a broader NATO installation in the Baltic region, media service of the Estonian Defence Forces said Saturday. The helicopters are expected to share in the Spring Storm NATO drills and insure that the alliance’s contingency at the military base near Tapa in Estonia, a city situated approximately 140 kilometres from the Russian border.

Russian-French minesweeping exercise in Baltic Sea

Sputnik / Igor Zarembo

The redeployed helicopters will carry out their very initial flights in Estonian airspace, until they combine exercises together with four British AW159 Wildcat multirole helicopters, that came at the bottom before.

Formerly, the French Embassy in Tallinn declared the coming of some unit of 300 soldiers in the French Army and Foreign Legion in the Estonian city of Tapa. The troops will stay in Estonia until the end of August as a component of this FRA-EFP LYNX mission, which is aimed at boosting the alliance’s existence in the area\. Paris may also deploy five Leclerc tanks and 20 infantry fighting vehicles, including 13 VBCIs, and it will be a French version of Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles (MRAV). They’ll be hauled to Estonia by rail.

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Moscow has repeatedly voiced alarm over NATO’s unprecedented pursuits and fostering its presence in the area, mentioning the alleged”Russian threat”. The Kremlin earlier stated that Russia poses no threat to anyone, but will not leave any activities.

The cooperation includes substantially beefed up its existence around Russia in the wake of this 2014 Ukraine tragedy, deploying battle groups, staging leading exercises, also deploying reconnaissance aircraft and drones along the border.


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