Angry Villagers Thrash BJP Parliamentarian at Flood Relief Camp in India’s Bihar State – Video


New Delhi (Sputnik): Several states across the country have been severely hit by floods. The total number of flood-affected people in India’s Bihar state has risen to 7.4 million, while deaths due to the deluge stand at 23.

A Bharatiya Janata Party Parliamentarian from India’s Bihar state’s Maharajganj area was manhandled by villagers in Siwan district during a visit to a relief camp on Saturday. The incident’s video is going viral.

Janardan Singh Sigriwal and his supporters faced outrage from local villagers as the latter were furious that nobody from the government showed up when floods hit the area.

In a video of the incident, the angry villagers attacked the lawmaker and hurled plastic chairs at him while some of his supporters were beaten.

कहे थे कि बिहार में बहार है

पर यहाँ तो चाहुंओर हाहाकार है

बाढ़ पीड़ितों के बीच पहुँचे BJP MP पर

जनता के ग़ुस्से की देखिए बरसी कैसी मयार है

जो हैं कुर्सी पर जलवागर उन पर उसी की बौछार है

— Umashankar Singh उमाशंकर सिंह (@umashankarsingh) August 10, 2020


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