Aussie Man Woos, Kisses Lonesome Kookaburra


A late night out recently had some interesting twists and turns for a pair of guys wandering about in Australia’s New South Wales, especially after they ended up face-to-face with a lonesome kookaburra standing atop a fence.

Aussie Timothy Hartmann told video licensor

Storyful that the intimidating kissing encounter unfolded after he and his friend left the Crescent Head Country Club and spotted one of the Land of Down Under’s terrestrial tree kingfishers nearby.

“I love you,” Hartmann’s friend can be heard saying as he slowly approaches the bird. “Oh, I’m scared.” It took him an estimated 24 seconds to connect his lips to the bird’s beak.

Hartmann told the outlet that the kookaburra appeared unvexed by his friend’s smooch, and that it subsequently flew away after they erupted in laughter.


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