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The US and the EU are engaged in a nearly 15-year trans-Atlantic aircraft subsidy spat at the World Trade Organisation over subsidies for Boeing and its European rival, Airbus.

Leading officials from Boeing and also a US aerospace industry trade group have pushed for limits to any tariffs levied on the European Union over illicit aircraft subsidies.    

In a speech to the US government made in a prepared testimony in a hearing held by the US Trade Representative’s Office, the officers called for curtailing tariffs in a bid to avoid damaging American producers.    

During the testimony, Boeing representatives said that tariffs should be Limited to aircraft wings, wings, and fuselages from France, Germany, Spain, and the UK.    

In 2018, the World Trade Organisation concluded that the EU had been supplying illegal subsidies to aerospace firm Airbus that damaged US rival Boeing. The event was in litigation 14 years.    



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