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Dozens dead as unseasonal rains and storms hit several Indian states

From CNN’s Sugam Pokharel

At least 29 people have died and 20 hurt when unseasonal rain and storms struck many parts of India on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

At least six people died in northern Rajasthan state, 10 in central Madhya Pradesh, respectively 10 in western Gujarat and also three at northeastern Manipur, various nation disaster administration officials told CNN. 

In an tweet Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed solidarity with”all those affected due to unseasonal rain and storms.” He vowed \around financial help for the next of kin\.

“The government is doing its best to provide all possible aid to all those affected. The situation has been monitored closely,” Modi said.

The main opposition Congress Party stated in a tweet that it had been”deeply saddened by the loss of lives” and urged”all of Congress workers to support the government in its relief efforts”

In accordance with the Meteorological Department, thunderstorms accompanied with strong winds and lightning are expected to last in a number of areas of the nation for another few days.

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Students get in the spirit of elections

By CNN’s Helen Regan

It functions as India’s election kicked off with tens of millions of voters casting their ballot in the very first stage of polls on April (******************************************************************************************************), 2019.

Indian school pupils paint their hands through an election awareness campaign before the next period of India’s general election in the eastern city of Chennai on April 12, 2019, according to AFP and Getty Images.

India’s gigantic poll will occur over nearly six weeks.

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Elections canceled in Tamil Nadu district after enormous cash seizure

From CNN’s Swati Gupta

India’s Election Commission recommended that fair elections weren’t viable from the Tamil Nadu 8-Vellore parliamentary constituency.

Elections have been temporarily pinpointed in a district from the southern state of Tamil Nadu following reports of”voter affect” surfaced during investigations.

As per procedure, the Election Commission (EC) recommended to the president that fair elections were not viable from the 8-Vellore parliamentary constituency, who subsequently issued a cancelation arrangement.

Last month, the income tax division conducted raids at locations associated with a regional leader who’s also operating from the election. Kathir Anand is currently a part of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and forms the regional resistance party in Tamil Nadu.

Officials captured money totaled $1.6 million in 1 location and it was”packed with plastic packs” with details of each locality, the EC said in a statement.

Why is it significant?

Money supply on the run up to elections is also rather common in India, where voters are bribed with cash and spirits to vote for a particular party. The EC has seized tens of thousands of dollars in gold money and spirits at borders in the last month through vehicle checks and raids, reviews\.

Since the announcement of the dates of this election in Marchthat the EC has made seizures nearly $373 million. The seizures include freebie things like electronics and narcotics.

“From the Commission’s considered view, letting the present electoral process to move and running the survey at the constituency on 18th April, 2019, as scheduled, at such a vitiated atmosphere could have severely jeopardised the behaviour of fair and free election in the stated 8-Vellore Parliamentary Constituency,” explained the EC announcement.

The EC has not announced the dates for polls from the Vellore constituency.

5: 06 a.m. ET, April (*************************************************************************************************), 2019

‘When you play the Game of Thrones, you lose or you bribe’

From CNN’s Helen Regan

The main opposition Congress Party is utilizing HBO’s hit TV series”Game of Thrones” to throw a few colour at rival Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Together with the hashtag #BJPGameOfThieves, Congress posted”Spoiler Alert: When you play the Game of Thrones, you either lose or you bribe.” It’s a reference to the GoT tagline,”If you play with the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

Accompanying the tweet turned into a picture depicting Modi as the Night King — who leads an army of the undead to destroy the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros — along with a lot of other notable BJP members as characters in the series.

It comes as the anticipated eighth and last season of this fantasy series aired on Monday.

Congress dished from the role of Queen Cersei Lannister into BJP President Amit Shah, Union minister Rajnath Singh was cast since Walder Fray and Union minister Nitin Gadkari as King Joffrey Baratheon, based into NDTV.

Karnataka BJP main Yeddyurappa was portrayed as head Lannister and hand of the king Tywin Lannister along with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was cast as”master of the coins” and serial manipulator Petyr Baelish aka”Littlefinger.”

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath apparently seems as Jon Snow –“the king at the north.”

The BJP has yet to give an official reaction.

4: 30 a.m. ET, April 16, 2019

How a political board game is showing Indians’ real feelings regarding the election

By CNN’s Manveena Suri

Staging a mass rally. Spreading fake information\. Fueling caste tensions. Playing the religion card.

All these are one of the more unsavory strategies that have supposedly been used by several Indian political parties as they struggle for votes during election period.

Nowadays, using all the nation of 1.3 billion individuals embarking once again to the planet’s biggest democratic practice , a new board game is simulating something of that campaign procedure — supplying players both the regular and the sleazier electoral approaches.

The Poll: The excellent Indian Election Game is your brainchild of 27-year-old journalist Abeer Kapoor, who came up with the notion in 2017 after covering national and state elections.

Three to four people can play each representing a political party. Players may make a manifesto by picking”coverage cards” which he or she must defend, they could convince opponents their approach  will operate and battle for influence.

Jargon was lifted from real party manifestos and definitions taken from high school textbooks, because one of Kapoor’s goals will be to educate players in the procedure — warts and all.

“We need people to understand the process of an election, that there are problems and there are promises that are created and we do not always hold individuals accountable for this,” Kapoor said.

Read more here.

3: 39 a.m. ET, April 16, 2019

Two political leaders banned from campaigning

From CNN’s Swati Gupta

The Indian Election Commission issued a gag order on two political leaders late Monday for violating the model code of conduct during their election rallies.

Senior Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, Maneka Gandhi, was issued a notice by the EC after an election rally where she informed voters that development function is going to be delegated to villages dependent on the amount of votes BJP has there.

Speaking at the rally,” Gandhi explained that a village in which her party receives greater than 80percent of the vote share will find the priority concerning improvement work, and also where they get less than 50 percent, will be at the bottom of their listing.

Classifying the government’s dedication to serve the villages within this category Gandhi said,”it is up to you on whether you would like to bring your village into the’A��� class. I would like that you keep it rather than slide to the’B’,’ class. We always attempt to do great job for you.”

The EC in its detect barred Gandhi from speaking at any events or into the media for 48 hours, beginning Tuesday.

The next chief shield from public looks would be a regional leader from Uttar Pradesh, Azam Khan.

Khan is currently a part of the Samajwadi Party — which is part of the regional alliance at the country according to the BJP.

In an election rally last week,” Khan made derogatory remarks from his main rival against the BJP. Jaya Prada, an actress-turned-politician, lodged a police complaint against Khan for indecent comments made \.

“The Commission has observed that the impugned statement produced by Azam Khan is not only indecent but also derogatory and totally uncalled for,” read the note in the EC.

The EC has issued a gag order on Khan to get 72 hours beginning Tuesday.

That is not the first time Khan has made controversial remarks against women and he had been prohibited from the EC after in 2014 too.

“The Commission has observed that Sh. Azam Khan hasn’t changed his way of campaigning and he is still indulging in having quite objectionable speech in election campaigning,” said the EC.

6: 07 a.m. ET, April (**************************************************************************************************), 2019

Two senior political leaders briefly prohibited by campaigning

By CNN’s Swati Gupta

Indian Chief Minister of the province of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, has been prohibited from political campaigning 72 hours. )

India’s Election Commission Monday prohibited two senior political leaders in campaigning in reaction to complaints registered against them.

Yogi Adityanath, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and a hard-right Hindu priest turned politician for the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) was prohibited for another 72 hours from campaigning in India.

In an election rally last week, Adityanath reported the BJP was looking for votes from people of all religions barring one — Islam. “They’ve stated that we need just Muslim votes and we do not require some other votes, so I’ve come for the remaining votes for you,” said Adityanath.

Still another regional leader and head of the Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati through an election rally asked Muslims to not split their votes throughout parties and to vote one for the alliance formed by the regional state parties. She’s been banned from campaigning for the next 48 hours.

Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati was banned by campaigning for 48 hours following violating electoral rules that prohibit appealing to voters on the basis of religion.

According to strict guidelines, candidates are not allowed to incite communal violence or appeal to voters on the grounds of religion at all.

Indian elections have been charged as political parties vie to get segments of voters, typically split on the basis of caste and religion.

This really is not the first time that Adityanath has courted controversy within speeches deriding the Muslim community from India. He has previously praised US President Donald Trump’s travel ban also said India needed to take actions\.

4: 02 a.m. ET, April 15, 2019

No indicators of upcoming election in Dalai Lama’s residence city

From Nikhil Kumar along with Swati Gupta

McleodGanj city surrounded by Himalaya mountains, Dharamsala, India on June 7, 2017.

India is in election mode, with the planet’a largest exercise in democracy unfolding around this vast nation, but since CNN reports from all over the country, one place apparently free of the survey frenzy is McLeodganj, home to the Dalai Lama and also a substantial population of Tibetan refugees.

Located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, that votes May 19, it’s so far mostly free of the election paraphernalia observable in many parts of the state: There really are no election posters or other signs that the national vote is now underway.

Once pressed in discussions around town, locals say the community here largely stays out of Indian politics, focusing on issues to do with the Tibetan inhabitants settled in the region.

And many also seem unaware of a current shift in the legislation: after a recent Indian court ruling in 2013, that guaranteed that those born later 1950 can enroll to vote.

But local reports state that few possess, as for all here, maintaining their identity as Tibetans takes precedence.

It is mirrored in the roads around the main Buddhist temple in McLeodganj: Pop in to shops, walk through the marketplace, wander in to hotels, and there is almost no indication of the election that is animating the remainder of the country.

3: 38 a.m. ET, April 15, 2019

Election Commission warns nation broadcaster over unfair policy

From CNN’s Swati Gupta

People queue to cast their votes at a polling booth to the initial phase of general elections, even near Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh on April (******************************************************************************************************), 2019.

The Election Commission pulled up the Indian state broadcaster, Doordarshan News (DD News) a week to get”unbalanced” and”disproportionate” policy granted to several political parties in the run-up to national elections.

The reprimand came after the primary opposition party, Congress complained to the commission which the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party was getting undue coverage from the national news channel and its affiliates.

“The Commission would like you to guide the DD News Channel to desist from extending any preferential or disproportionate airtime coverage in favour of any party and extend commensurate and balanced policy of the activities of recognized political parties,” read the note.

In India, after the dates for the elections are declared, the model code of behavior kicks into position and also the election commission is accountable for maintaining a standard of impartiality and also a level playing field. The rules have been built to make sure the ruling government does not take advantage of its own place\.

Political parties and their associates are also tracked for any language which might be derogatory or attempts to incite violence. Leaders have received notices and warnings by the commission to get derogatory terminology\.

The commission has had to lately prohibit a biopic based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own life plus a TV station called NaMo TV which was named after him.


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