Offenses have been rebuffed by beijing by Ankara ministry of alleged concentration-camps such as reports that a renowned poet had expired in a single, to get a Turkic minority class in China.

The statement by Beijing’s embassy in Ankara known as Turkey’s claims”totally unrealistic,” and highlighted their own”strong opposition” to the accusations.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s reaction to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: that the allegations are crazy, we’ve got a formal initiative,” the conversation .

Allegations that the Chinese authorities is liquidating the cultural, religious and cultural identities of Uighurs and other Muslim communities are totally baseless,” the statement concludes.

On Saturday, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy released a announcement condemning the”torture and political contested” allegedly perpetrated by the Chinese government although”systematically assimilating” that the country’s minority Muslim population. In addition, he called to commemorate Abdurehim Heyit’s passing, asserting the poet and artist perished in a Chinese internment camp.

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China informs’imperfect’ US to mind its own business over religious liberty criticism

But, China reacted on Sunday by releasing a video of Heyit which appeared to show him in good health, indicating that reports of this poet’s death may have been exaggerated.

While those responses specifically addressed Aksoy’s promises, they also exhibit Beijing’s general responses to accusations that a thousand Uighurs are being hauled in re-education centers in China.

Although the Chinese government admits that these centers exist, it states they are there to offer job and language training when firming out”extremist elements.” They also assert these”vocational centers” are open to outside journalists, such as those from Turkey.

Pressure against China was rising because a law was passed aiming to”Sinicize” Islam across the country. According to Chinese state media, the initiative targets”to direct Islam to be harmonious with socialism.”

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