3D scans show underwater volcano off Oregon coast could explode without notice

(Natural News) Scientists have finished their first 3D scan of an underwater volcano located 300 miles off the coast of Oregon with a base the size of Austin and a main magma reservoir approximately two-thirds of the length of Manhattan. Dubbed Axial Seamount, the “deep-sea magma monster” is the youngest in the Cobb-Eickelberg seamount chain, a 1,120-mile-long line…

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Joe Biden celebrated by left-wing media for fat shaming obese man who leads sedentary lifestyle… Biden rudely challenges him to pushup contest

(Natural News) During a recent campaign stop in Iowa, “No Malarkey” Joe Biden went on a verbal tirade against an elderly voter who questioned him about his son Hunter’s questionable business activities in Ukraine. Biden reportedly shouted the man down and actually fat shamed him over his weight, addressing him as “Look, fat…” rather than…

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Wikipedia exposed as a CIA disinformation front

(Natural News) A new report has uncovered detailed evidence about who really controls Wikipedia, and it’s not ordinary folks volunteering their time like the platform’s creators claim. As it turns out, Wikipedia is a deep state propaganda tool masquerading as an online “encyclopedia,” and none other than the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal…

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The top 10 most astonishing science and medicine discoveries of 2019

(Natural News) Humans have been thrilled and astounded by scientific and medical discoveries for centuries. And, despite the astonishing number of discoveries made down through the years, there is somehow always more to learn. Here at Natural News we strive, as many members of the Independent Media do, to share the whole truth about the…

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