• July 7, 2020
  • Last Update Jul 7, 2020 11:08 am
  • Australia



Black militants are now anti-White, anti-Jew, anti-Israel: Armed Black extremists vow to “take Texas” as BLM protesters declare “death to Israel and America”

(Natural News) The militant, extremist Black Lives Matter movement is not only being directly funded by hundreds of U.S. corporations who are overtly attempting to overthrow America, now BLM has spawned the rise of even more extreme, militant groups that are pledging to use force to overthrow U.S. states like Texas. Hundreds of members of…

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Informed consent under assault, as all truthful info on vaccines is labeled misinfo, censored from web

(Natural News) Informed consent is essential to every medical decision, especially when it comes to biologics, aka vaccines. When information, data, analysis, and testimony about vaccines are controlled by the vaccine industry, informed consent dies. When knowledge on the immune system is censored from the web, when vaccine risk and injury is not allowed to…

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Pastor’s prophetic vision sees UN troops on the streets of America THIS YEAR, with entire cities destroyed and an economic collapse that plunges the nation into CHAOS

(Natural News) Pastor Dana Coverstone has been shown several prophetic dreams over the last seven months or so, and the visions he saw for the Spring and Summer of this year have already come true. Now, he has gone public with details about his dream visions for the remainder of this year, and if his…

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