More phony outrage from the “mainstream media� over violent Trump meme video that almost nobody saw before it became a manufactured “scandal�

(Natural News) The fake news “mainstream media” would rather fabricate “scandals” involving President Donald Trump and his administration than actually report on real corruption within the Democratic Party (starting with the coup attempt known as Spygate). As such, here we go again with more fabricated “outrage” from the media propagandists, this time over a violent…

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YouTube, Google, Facebook and Vimeo are complicit in the massive polio outbreak cover-up: It’s all caused by vaccines

(Natural News) For the first time in almost two decades, the Philippines is experiencing a major polio outbreak, and authorities admit that polio vaccines are to blame. But Big Tech continues to de-platform or otherwise silence users who try to share this pertinent information online, which is endangering public health all around the globe. Natural…

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PUSH BACK: 600,000 Mexicans erupt in massive public march to stop abortion genocide, LGBT indoctrination assault on their children

(Natural News) The United States might be swirling the toilet in shameless decadence and unprecedented moral decline, but our neighbors to the south are joining the other side of the culture war as they fight to save their country from the destructive rot of liberalism. According to reports, more than 600,000 Mexicans stormed Mexico City…

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Cornell Law prof pushes Dems to arrest and jail associates of Trump in impeachment push

(Natural News) The American Left has been increasingly comfortable in the Democrat Party now for decades, becoming more so after Barack Obama the Marxist took it over when he was elected in 2008. And with increasing Leftism comes increasing authoritarianism — because all of today’s modern Left-wing political ideologies use violence, intimidation, and authoritarianism in…

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The 5 Biggest medical flaws STILL wreaking havoc across America

(Natural News) Americans know better than to question vaccines at work or at school. We all know we’ll be “prosecuted” and persecuted to the fullest extent. We also know better than to question the methodology of a medical doctor, who went to 8 to 12 years of college and seems to know everything about the…

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