Image: Death Cult Democrats say killing newborn babies the day they’re born is “good for the economy” … so what’s next, exterminating all kids with autism and senior citizens?

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Democrats are all set to increase every American citizen’s income tax over 70 percentage and on up to 90 percent so as to pay for all the”free stuff” they’re raving about, including Medicare, college, food, and yes, day-of-birth abortions. You notice, all Americans should be working hard in factories and processing plants, since the people paying exorbitantly high income taxes, the more riches for its tyrannical Democrat-Socialist-Communist elite. Make no mistake, that is exactly what the late-term diplomatic drive, fake global warming alarmism, and”no borders!” Screaming is all about.

In exactly the same point, the Death Cult Democrats wish to get rid of the middle course, so that everyone is desperate and poor, literally voting to get big government as well as the priest police say to”rescue” them from their living nightmare. This depopulation program contains the mass murder of babies, driven vaccination of dissenters, and shortly, the extermination of anyone who might not know just how to vote Democrat, like children with disabilities and senile older.

If you’re thinking right now this has nothing to do with health, but only to do with politics, then you’re dead wrong. It has what to do with living , ethically, responsibly, and patriotically, instead of that which the Death Cult Democrats would have “praying” to get like some food, any law enforcement, and any right to speak up from the ruling class.

Socialist dictators will wipe out all organic food and natural medicine, claiming GMOs are healthy, sustainable, and great for the economy.

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Socialist dictators will confiscate all of civilian guns and prohibit free speech.

Socialist dictators will ban all true news and promote all fake, witty, narrative news.

Socialist dictators will tax the working class into death (actually ) and retain the cash, since they certainly are NOT construction train tracks round the 3000-foot-deep Pacific Ocean.

Socialist dictators increases illegal drug imports, sex trafficking, and slave labour in the us.

Socialist dictators will restrict all of American families to a child.

Socialist dictators will put monitoring devices inside all U.S. citizens.

Socialist dictators will confiscate all private property, businesses, and farms.

Socialists want your children to suffer from autism and mental health disorders so the state may confiscate them and sell them into slavery on the black economy.

Communists and Nazis always disperse the Identical motto — it is”for the greater good”

Without Trump at office, we would be living below a full Nazi-style program . Think about it. We already see deranged organizations like Planned Parenthood funding abortions in order that they could steal the baby organs (pay bottom-dollar money under the table) and utilize the flesh for biotechnology horrors.

We watch mass sterilization happening with 9 — 12 year-old girls becoming the exceptionally toxic HPV vaccine, also one in each 50 children getting autistic during their very first half-dozen years old, thanks to the CDC vaccine schedule of 55 toxic jabs before age seven.

We have New York Democrats jumping up and down into fits of pleasure, observing the outright murder of live-birth infants, that could be completely healthy, but still suffocated to death, or their spinal cord severed, or even getting their jugular slit using a scalpel.

We’ve Bill Gates declaring on movie he believes he can lower the entire world’s population by a few billion people if we do a fantastic job”with vaccines.” What type of vaccines is he talking about? Are not vaccines designed to avoid illness, not mass murder Africans and kids in India?

People, you don’t have any alternative left but to vote Republican accountable for maintaining the Republic, the Constitution, organic food, organic medication, free speech, free press, freedom of religion, freedom to run a private business, the right to have your own property, the best to keep the majority of your earned income, the right to a lawyer, judge and jury, and the best to have your vote actually count.

Forged into for updates on which books, food, seeds, and weapons you need to stock up on BEFORE SHTF, since then it will be too late. Have you seen the store shelves at Venezuela? Has anyone seen? That’s where America is headed under the Death Cult Democrats, if they gain control that is complete\.

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