Tehran has brushed US calls off to pull its forces saying that it is actually the’enemy’ Washington who should go home back. It comes as Iran marks 40 decades as the Islamic Revolution.

Since the US’ own powers start to withdraw from Syria, Washington is worried that Tehran is becoming too entrenched in the war-torn country. The US has repeatedly lambasted Iran because of its presence in Syria, in which Tehran maintains‘military consultants.’


Iran vows ‘crushing’ response to Israeli strikes in Syria

On Mondaythe deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired back at Washington: “The enemy cannot request us to leave the region. They must leave the area.”

“We’ll aid any Muslim anywhere on earth,” Brigadier General Hossein Salami added.

It is not the first time that Iran has resisted US demands to curtail its own ‘influence.’ Last week, a senior aide to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, cautioned: “Whether they want to or not, the Americans should leave Syria.”

Iran’s existence is Syria was irking the US increasingly ever since President Trump announced the pullout of both 2000 troops in the nation, where they’ve been because 2015. Nevertheless, in a recent interview President Trump has said he wants to maintain a few forces in the region “to protect Israel” and“observe Iran.”

That said, the choice to pull out the majority of US troops caused backlash in the home, in which politicians throughout the partisan divide sounded the alarm it will cause a resurgence of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and leave the state open to Iran and Russia.

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Iran showcases enormous UNDERGROUND missile factory, using new rockets & warheads galore (VIDEOS)

Especially, military advisers in the Islamic Republic as well as the Russian army were invited by Syria to help fight terrorism there. The existence of US troops, in turn, was considered by Damascus “a breach of sovereignty.”

The US “conspiracy” against Tehran was also blasted by Iran’s president on Monday, as the country celebrates 40 decades as the Islamic Revolution.

“The presence of people now on the streets all over Islamic Iran… signifies the enemy won’t ever reach its bad intentions,” President Hassan Rouhani told enormous crowds on Tehran’s streets.

Marches have been held in towns all across Iran. Back in Tehran, chants of all “Death to Israel, death to America” were followed by announcements vowing loyalty to the supreme leader and phoning President Trump an‘idiot’ Trump’s and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s faces also appeared about cardboard cutouts of puppies.

One banner read “Much to the dismay of all Americathe revolution has reached its 40year past .”

The day marks the end of royal rule in Iran, when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini made the Islamic Republic in 1979.

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