Even the”sleeping pro-Europe majority” has to”wake up” until the EU goes through the Soviet Union,” billionaire George Soros has warned, adding that Europe’s political parties must offer the bloc’s interests first priority.

Pro-EU political parties need to rally support ahead of critical European Parliament elections in May, the Hungarian-American businessman and controversial influencer wrote in an op-ed printed by Project Syndicate.

The bloc is “sleepwalking into oblivion” and may soon meet the same end as the Soviet Union,” Soros prophesized. In order to prevent catastrophe, he argued, right-minded political parties have to resist the lure of EU doubt coming across the continent along with “place Europe’s interests before their own.” He chastised Germany’s ruling coalition not being satisfactorily pro-EU from fear of losing votes to the right-wing alternate for Germany (AfD), while praising the German begging for being “the sole always pro-European celebration in the country.”

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The outspoken opponent of Brexit indicated that it wasn’t too late to the UK to hold another referendum,” “or, better still, for revoking Britain’s Article 50 notification” — even advocacy which seems to clash with Soros’ self-declared affinity for democracy. In the UK, the billionaire was harshly criticized for forking over #800,000 (US$1,(**************************************), respectively 00) to pro-EU campaigns( such as Number (**********************************), respectively 00 to Best for Britain, a campaign group that’s been in the forefront of anti-Brexit activism.

On the topic of Italy,” Soros chided the EU for “strictly Implementing” an arrangement “which burdens nations like Italy where migrants first enter the EU.” As a consequence the large influx of migrants to Europe has transformed the formerly pro-EU Italy into a bastion of populism, Soros lamented.

(*)Curiously, he neglected to mention he is a leading champion of the EU’s open-door migrant policy — a policy that’s directly accountable for Italy being quieted with asylum seekers.

Addressing Soros’ arch-nemesis — that the Hungarian government under Prime Minister Viktor Orban — that the billionaire businessman said that trans-European alliances should show more backbone and not be “dictated by party leaders’ self-interest.”

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He argued that the European People’s Party (EPP) is “the worst offender” in this regard as it continues to grant membership to Orban’s Fidesz party, allegedly “to be able to conserve its bulk and control the feasibility of top work in the EU.”

Soros has been repeatedly accused by Orban of using his wealth to push pro-migrant policies on conservative, anti-immigration Hungary and a lot of the Western world.

“Soros has antagonized not just us but also England, President Trump, and Israel too,” Orban said in February. “Everywhere he wishes to get migration accepted. It won’t do the job. We are not alone and we will fight together… and we’ll succeed.”

Hungary has passed a Cease Soros Law, directed at punishing those who provide assistance to migrants attempting to enter the central European country.

If Europe’s political leaders don’t stamp out the rise of populist political parties over the bloc, “the dream of a united Europe may develop into the nightmare of the 21st century,” Soros wrote in final. Regrettably, Soros doesn’t elaborate on why he considers that the democratic will of Europeans poses such a fearsome threat to his grand vision to get a “combined” Europe.

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