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Matchweek 7 provided that an early-season lesson for those fantasy players fresh to Major League Soccer — specifically, pay close attention to this program! (Or at least pay attention to yours truly, who’ll keep together with the schedule for you.)

There were two extra games around the fixture list last week, which is not uncommon in MLS. There was D.C.-Montreal on Tuesday, also Colorado-Seattle on Wednesday. So, when assembling your dream lineup, you had the chance to pick players that are several . Mother Nature decided to throw a spanner into the works. An April snowstorm outside west forced the postponement of this match! So double sided matchweek for the Rapids and Sounders.

Nowthis did not necessarily indicate you had to radically alter your lineup. For example, I stuck using Seattle’s Nicolas Lodeiro. He’d been one of the best Tier 1 midfielders thus far and, so, was a solid choice even with just one game. I did make 1 change related to Lodeiro dependent on the postponement. Rather than captaining himI gave the armband to Carlos Vela, my Tier 1 forwards. Vela had put numbers that were much larger up through this season’s initial six months, so it made sense to change, using the two of my options now playing once\.

Boy, was I happy I made this decision. Vela had yet another huge match in LAFC’s 2-0 win over Cincinnati — only one goal, one assist, seven shots and 6 opportunities created, leading to 33.8 vision points. Lodeiro, on the flip side, ended using a season-low 6.7 points from Seattle’s 3-2 triumph over Toronto. He’d have two opportunities and an assist, but only 1 shot.

Talking of LAFC and Seattle, they both remain unbeaten and will be the top two teams in the league, with 19 and 16 points, respectively. ) LAFC has won \total, and four matches in a row, with their only blemish being a 2-2 draw at NYCFC. The Sounders have played one game, and dropped points in a draw Vancouver\.

Vela currently has eight goals on the year, two more than every other player. He’s also the league-leader in assists (5), as well as shots (41) and opportunities generated (27). He has accepted 15 more shots and also made seven more chances than anyone else in MLS. Vela is averaging 28.6 points each game. To put that into perspective, he’s on par with Lionel Messi, now averaging 27.7 points a game in La Liga. Eden Hazard, shirts in the Premier League, is averaging just 17.4 points each match.

But, Vela isn’t the only player off to a hot start in MLS. Diego Rossi is just one of 2 players with six aims, and is in total fantasy points, averaging 19.2 per game. The issue with Rossi is hestuck at precisely the identical fantasy tier, and’s teammates with Vela. Rossi didn’t score a goal against Cincinnati, but he did shoot five shots and had four opportunities.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the other participant with six goals currently, following a brace in the LA Galaxy’s 2-0 triumph over Philadelphia. Ibrahimovic has played four matches so far, three fewer than Vela and Rossi, making his goal tally all the more striking. He is not the all-purpose participant Vela is (Ibrahimovic has only five opportunities made on the year ), but he’s still averaging 24.1 points each game, and is definitely a viable alternative to Vela if the Galaxy have a simpler matchup compared to LAFC.

That is not the case this coming week, since we have got another excess game to account for — and it features LAFC. The Supporters’ Shield leaders have been scheduled to perform the winless Whitecaps in Vancouver on Wednesday. BC Place includes a roof, therefore this match won’t be postponed because of this if the weather looks like that of Westeros. LAFC game of this week is really a battle with all the Sounders on Sunday. If you are an MLS lover that’s must-see TV.

Considering that the excess match, Vela is practically a no-brainer as your Tier 1 forward and captain this week. (I’ll share the remainder of my Matchweek 8 choices beside you on Tuesday.) After building your own lineup don’t simply switch off\. Vancouver-LAFC might not be snowed outside, but there’s always a possibility a key participant will be rested by the manager for one of two games at a matchweek. There is no strategy but I would not be shocked if Vela understands a break at Vancouver. That will make your choice a bit more intriguing, particularly since the Sounders have only conceded five goals in six matches.

Check out the LAFC starting lineup (or my Twitter feed) on Wednesday, merely to be safe. The truth is, when it comes to dream soccer, you can’t take anything for granted.


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