Image: After NY Supreme Court strikes down Rockland County’s ban against the unvaccinated, Bill de Blasio declares new “public health emergency,” orders mandatory vaccinations for everyone

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In response to the Supreme Court of New York’s recent overturning of the unconstitutional”ban” on most unvaccinated individuals that was enforced in Rockland County, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared his own”public health emergency,” mandating that people in specific components of Williamsburg that had been potentially vulnerable to this virus be vaccinated.

According to reports, de Blasio is citing some 250 measles cases which have been verified in the Brooklyn area since September as necessitating driven vaccinations in several zip codes. In Blasio’s view, the only appropriate response to this”outbreak” would be to require that all unvaccinated people who live or work at zip codes 11205, 11206, 11221, and 11249 be vaccinated with MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella).

“We’ve got a situation now where kids are at risk,” de Blasio, who sees nothing wrong with murdering infants both indoors and outside the uterus , said during a recent news conference. “We have to take this seriously. Every one of us must feel responsibility to the scenario because measles is so contagious, can disperse so quickly.”

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New York City Health Department to become Nazi “brown shirt” brigade: “vaccination papers, please”

The way NYC plans to enforce this new vaccine mandate issued by de Blasio would be to get members of the town’s health department go door-to-door checking people’s vaccination records — that is precisely what Nazi”brown shirts” failed during World War II if they roved the streets and needed”papers, please” to anyone who looked like a Jew or another”undesirable.”

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Today’s”star-wearers” are those who refuse vaccine jabs, whom Leftist politicians enjoy de Blasio want to see completely eradicated from society. And they’re likely to accomplish this by not only demanding that folks secure vaccination paperworkbut additionally fine people who aren’t in”compliance” up to $1,000 each”violation.”

“There’s no doubt that vaccines are safe, effective and life threatening,” de Blasio further argued during his press conference, pretending to be a physician. “I urge everyone, particularly those in impacted areas, to receive their MMR vaccines to protect their kids, communities and families.”

NYC plans to nice day care centres, Jewish yeshivas that allow unvaccinated pupils to attend courses

Like Rockland County’s unconstitutional”ban” about the unvaccinated, de Blasio’s compulsory vaccination order is reportedly temporary, having an expiration date of April 17. However, the city’s Board of Health will \have the option to expand it — that very well may happen\.

Many place locals are already feeling the pinch of the authoritarian oppression, such as day care centers and Jewish yeshivas across town which are being threatened with instant violations for allowing unvaccinated students to attend classes or stay on their assumptions.

Not only can these facilities face unconstitutional penalties, but they might be closed down from the city for allegedly placing”public health” in”hazard” City officials are targeting so-called”measles parties,” which a growing number of parents have been holding into naturally infect their children with measles so as to permit them to develop natural immunity — which is how it was completed before the MMR vaccine came into existence.

“Vaccines are not protected\. . Are required… (and) are, in actuality, far safer than getting real disease,” claims Dr. Herminia Palacio, the deputy mayor of Health and Human Services (HHS). “That isn’t like a tiny chilly thing… folks can get hospitalized, they can get pneumonia, they can receive inflammation of the brain, they could die,” she added, fear-mongering into the max.

To observe how measles, which isn’t substantially different than simply contracting chickenpox, was viewed before high-profit MMR vaccines were forced on the public, be sure to look at these old clips from tv shows of the past.

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