Image: Former transgender exposes child cruelty of LGBT agenda: “Grooming… child abuse”

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A biological guy whose grandmother tried to raise him as a”woman” if he was a young child, which eventually led to him getting sex”transition” operation he later regretted, has a message for the world: don’t believe the lies from the LGBT mafia, that can be cruelly”grooming” young kids into destroying their own lives by becoming”transgenders.”

At a recent editorial he composed for The Federalist, former transgender Walt Heyer, creator of along with Walt Heyer Ministries, reveals how he was duped into thinking that he was a female stuck within a male body — a form of”child abuse” that directed him to change his physical attribute in an attempt to make things”right.”

Heyer eventually realized that transitioning into the opposite gender is not actually possible — but was later he’d already made significant alterations to his physique. Heyer has since reverted back to being a man, and dedicates much of his time to helping others avoid making the exact same error — and is presently attempting to help a Texas daddy shield his son out of the boy’s deranged mother, who’s trying to convert the male child into a”female”

Six-year-old James Younger, as we previously reported, is now being targeted for a sex change by his biological mother, a nurse named Anne Georgulas who’s likely to chemically castrate James against him and his father’s will to be able to turn him into a”girl” — in much the same way that Heyer was also targeted and abused by his grandmother.

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“My grandma dressed as a woman once I was 4, 5, and 6 years old,” writes Heyer. “Like James, I was too young to understand the long term consequences of being invited to cross-dress at this young age, much less battle back. In my kid’s mind, it felt good to be the center of her attention. I call that which grandma did ‘child abuse’ since her dressing of me as a female negatively influenced my whole life.”

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you might also find out more about Walt Heyer Ministries, including Heyer’s individual labor of love sharing his story of salvation at conferences, churches, and universities, in addition to his attempts to individually help families like James,’ at

After interacting with James, Heyer claims that the boy will NOT have”gender dysphoria”

Heyer lately got the chance to satisfy young James, as well as James’ father and twin brother — James’ mother eagerly desired a boy and a woman, instead of two boys, which explains why she is now trying to force James to become a”girl” — the specifics of his encounter fully laid out into his op-ed. What he discovered was that James under the effect of his mom, is a normal boy who likes to wear boy clothes, speak about boy items, and all engage in pre-pubescent manly pursuits\.

“As we pulled up, the front door opened, and the two young sons came flying out,” Heyer recalls about the time he moved to pick up James and his brother out of their mother’s house, along with James’ dad — having been encouraged to do this by James’ dad as a portion of a bigger effort to save James from his mommy.

“James was dressed as a boy, such as his brother. Into the backseat they went saying hello to me personally and to their dad until they started speaking about other things along with Ninja Turtles they had done at school. Not 1 smidgeon of gender dysphoria or’girl talk’ appeared throughout the drive,” Heyer added about his observations.

After arriving at their destination, Heyer recallsthe four males played with plastic swords and shields, and participated in several other”rough-and-tumble” tasks like boys normally do. And at no time during this course of events did Heyer celebrate any female behaviors in young James.

“I detected James’ mannerisms, voice inflections, and interactions, looking for evidence of gender dysphoria… (also ) I will emphatically say that during both hours of the visit I saw no sign of gender dysphoria,” Heyer says.

“James indicated no need to be a woman, nor did he act like a woman or speak as a girl during the whole time. His brother and both James engaged with the adults and the four Scott children. Both have been talkative, demonstrated powerful vocabularies, and eagerly showed off their artwork created during a former playdate.”

For more background on James as well as that which his mother is trying to do to him, be sure to look at this article from The New American, and this one by Life Site Information .

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While it would look like, despite his mother’s best efforts to get her way in shifting her son to a”girl,” James has nothing more to be concerned about — but nothing could be farther from the reality. Georgulas has gotten the”acceptance” she needs to continue interacting young James as a”woman,” and will be soon likely to administer puberty-blocking drugs that could permanently harm his male hormones — and thus, ruin his lifetime .

And if James’ father, a Christian man who reached out to Walt Heyer who is also a Christian, is doing everything possible to prevent her, the unfortunate truth is that Georgulas includes a great deal more cash and influence than he’s doing. Because of this, James’ dad Jeff has put up that the website, where fans can contribute to his legal attempt to stop James’ mom from destroying James’ life.

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