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This comes after US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has announced that he launches investigation into France’s planned tech giants tax.

The French parliament has passed a law on taxing major digital companies. 

The move comes after US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced the beginning of a probe into France’s planned tax on tech giants, adding that Washington is very concerned that the tax would “unfairly target American companies”.

He said in a statement that “the President has directed that we investigate the effects of this legislation and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce”.

Lighthizer will reportedly be given up to a year to look into whether the French plan would hurt US technology firms, and suggest retaliatory measures.

Earlier this week, media reports said that the French MPs are due to approve a 3-percent levy on revenue made by such companies as Google and Facebook in France.

The French government claims that the companies are currently exploiting global tax loopholes.



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