Golden Retriever Works Hard to Save Frozen Toy


Sputnik International

Mason, a 10-year-old golden retriever from Massachusetts, recently got a brutal taste of the loss that character Rose DeWitt Bukater felt when she had to let go of doomed lover Jack Dawson after he died in the 1997 classic film “Titanic.”

While it wasn’t an iceberg that set off a heart-aching series of events for poor ol’ Mason, his worries were caused by a wicked cold blast that fell over the Bay State in early November.

“One night it got pretty cold here in New England, and Sid the sloth was frozen stuck to our deck,” reads a statement Viral Hog obtained from the video’s filmer. “Mason discovered his favorite toy the next morning and tried so hard to help him and pull him back to life.”

Luckily for Mason, all he needed was a bit of hot water and some tugging to bring his BFF back to life.


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