Hanging With Joe Rogan Again? Social Media Users are Stumped by Elon Musk’s Mysterious Tweet


On 13 November, Tesla’s CEO said the German capital will host the company’s first major European factory as Tesla moves forward with its expansion plans, now, however, it seems that the tech visionary is more interested in other things, like urban planning for fictional realms.

Business and engineering maverick Elon Musk has left netizens bewildered following a tweet about the gentrification of Mordor, the fictional realm and home of the villain Sauron in Tolkien’s saga Lord of the Rings. The 48-year-old entrepreneur put up a poll on the social media platform asking users two to choose between a “yes” and “no” option.

​Musk frequently entertains his huge army of followers, posting jokes and memes, and sending out teasers for his companies projects. He is also no stranger to posting enigmatic tweets, but this one has really baffled netizens…

​Some users willingly backed the idea of gentrifying the mountainous realm thinking that Musk’s idea would be a success.

​The opponents of gentrification, which can force low income residents out of a neighbourhood due to increased costs of living, were shocked to the roots of their souls by Musk’s proposition…

Mordor has been a home to orcs for thousands of years and the fact you would destroy those communities is horrifying. wow cancelled

— Skoorb (@Skoorbals) November 14, 2019

Displacing the mordorians will just cause them to go somewhere else with the same results. Not fair to the mordorians or the rest of middle earth. Give them the tools to build a better Mordor. Give them opportunity if they squander it? what will be, will be

— William Stevens (@William73643990) November 14, 2019

​Many users found the tech visionary’s idea interesting and came up with suggestions on how to improve Mordor.

Mordor needs 5g WiFi towers and a Starbucks

— Niche Gamer (@nichegamer) November 14, 2019

Mordor should have a lot more plants, probably more than the shire, because of the abundance of fertile volcanic ash and the lack of herbivores.

— Pranay Pathole (@PPathole) November 14, 2019

​Still others contended that the gentrification of Mordor would be impossible.

​Well, as for the vote itself, at the moment 77 percent back the idea of gentrification of Mordor while 23 percent oppose it.


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