Will coronavirus signal the end of capitalism?

The pandemic begins in Asia, rips through the capital cities of Europe and wipes out at least a third of all human beings in its way. When it is all over, revolts begin, cherished institutions fall, and the entire economic system has to be reconfigured. That is a short history of the Black Death, a…

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Doctor’s Note: Can you catch coronavirus twice?

There are fears that it may be possible to catch the coronavirus more than once, after a woman in her 40s in Osaka, Japan, tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time at the end of February. Studies and research are still going on to determine if this may be the case. So far, we…

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Is Uzbekistan using coronavirus to curtail civil liberties?

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on restricting movement, Uzbekistan, which has almost 200 cases and two confirmed fatalities, is stepping up measures to stem panic. According to new legislative amendments, managing or storing materials with the aim of creating panic among the population is now punishable with a fine of up to 89,200,000 UZS (more…

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WHO warns Middle East must act fast to contain coronavirus

Middle Eastern governments must act fast to limit the spread of the coronavirus as cases in the region have risen to nearly 60,000 – almost double the tally of a week earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.  “New cases have been reported in some of the most vulnerable countries with fragile health systems,” Ahmed…

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Is this the end of capitalism? – Molly Crabapple and Paul Mason

On this episode of Studio B: Unscripted, award-winning illustrator and writer Molly Crabapple is in conversation with best-selling author and journalist Paul Mason. Molly Crabapple has chronicled the stories of the marginalised while also shedding light on the darker corners of the United States empire. Crabapple’s artwork was widely used during the Occupy Wall Street…

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UN: Mass spread of COVID-19 in Global South will impact the world

Coronavirus has upended lives and workplaces around the world, with more than a third of the globe under lockdown. At the United Nations headquarters in New York, where about 10,000 people usually work, a skeleton staff of a few hundred are on site, ensuring the world body’s vital operations continue – such as peacekeeping and…

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Virus-infected Holland-American cruise ships dock in Florida

Two cruise ships with sick passengers on board have docked in Florida after initially being turned away. At least two of four people who died on board tested positive for the coronavirus and another 200 are showing influenza-like symptoms. The cruise ship, Zaandam, and its sister vessel, Rotterdam, came ashore in Fort Lauderdale after days…

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Concerns after Mumbai’s Dharavi slum reports COVID-19 cases

Authorities in Mumbai are concerned over the possible spread of the new coronavirus in the densely populated slum of Dharavi after a man with COVID-19 died and a doctor and municipal corporation worker tested positive. The 56-year-old man who died on Wednesday night was the first to test positive from the sprawling shanty town in India’s financial hub. More:…

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US coronavirus deaths near 6,000, cases top 240,000: Live updates

The number of coronavirus infections continue to rise worldwide, with more than 1,013,000 people diagnosed, as the death toll surpassed 53,000, including almost 6,000 in the United States, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University early on Friday. The coronavirus pandemic death toll in Spain passed 10,000 on Thursday, as the country reported its…

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India COVID-19 lockdown means no food or work for rural poor

Mumbai, India – For farm worker Manisha Uke, being able to survive is contingent on two factors – one, getting a daily wage of 100 Indian rupees ($1.3) a day and two, receiving a widow’s monthly pension of 1,000 rupees ($13.1) from the government.  Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in India at the beginning of March,…

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COVID-19 pandemic is testing world’s leaders. Who’s stepping up?

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening lives and livelihoods across the world. In just three months, more than a million people in 180 countries have fallen sick from the viral illness, while at least 50,000 have died in a public health emergency the United Nations is calling the world’s “most challenging crisis” since World War II.…

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Coronavirus: US moves towards promoting broader use of face masks

The administration of United States President Donald Trump is formalising new guidance to recommend that many, if not all, people living in US coronavirus hot spots wear face coverings when leaving home, in an effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. The recommendations, still being finalised on Thursday, would apply at least to…

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By refusing refugees, Poles, Hungarians and Czechs ‘broke EU law’

Syrian refugees arrived in Greece and Italy, but were refused entry to several eastern European nations [File photo: September 10, 2015/Yannis Behrakis/Reuters] The European Union’s top court ruled on Thursday that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic had broken the law by refusing to host refugees to help ease the burden on southern EU states such…

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US Navy relieves commander of coronavirus-hit ship over memo leak

All 5,000 personnel on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier will be tested for the coronavirus, United States Navy officials said [Handout/S Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nicholas V Huynh/Reuters] The United States Navy announced on Thursday that it had relieved the commander of the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote a scathing…

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UK ‘must be pressed to recognise Palestinian state’: ex-diplomat

Glasgow, United Kingdom – The Conservative British government must be pressed “to recognise the state of Palestine… as the place where Palestinians must be enabled to exercise their right to self-determination”, a former UK diplomat said on Thursday evening. But Sir Vincent Fean, addressing an online audience, insisted that today’s British government were doing “some good things”…

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Venezuelans face evictions amid Colombia coronavirus quarantine

Bogota, Colombia – Breyan Romero was forced to leave the hostel he was renting in downtown Bogota, unable to pay his daily rent of $3.  The 24-year-old, who uses a walker due to his paralysed legs, arrived two years ago from Zulia State, Venezuela, in search of a better life. He sold biscuits on the…

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Biden joins fellow US Democrats in call for easing Iran sanctions

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden on Thursday called on the administration of United States President Donald Trump to ease economic sanctions on Iran as a humanitarian gesture during the global coronavirus pandemic. The former vice president said the US has a moral obligation to be among the first to offer aid to people in need…

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US Congress seeks to oversee coronavirus stimulus spending

Washington, DC, United States – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced the formation of a special committee of the US House of Representatives to oversee more than $2.2 trillion in spending that Congress has authorised to respond to the coronavirus. The special oversight panel will ensure that the more than $2 trillion – and any…

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How should health workers fighting coronavirus be protected?

The war against the coronavirus pandemic is being fought in hospitals around the world. Doctors and nurses on the front line face long hours and huge workloads. Hospitals are not only running out of ventilators for patients; they cannot supply staff with protective gear such as masks and surgical gowns. Thousands of health workers are…

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Coronavirus spike on Navajo Nation raises alarms

A steep rise in coronavirus cases on the Navajo Nation in the western part of the United States has caused concern among regional leaders, who worry the tribal lands are ill-equipped to handle the pandemic and the federal government is taking too long to address needs. The Navajo Nation Department of Health and Navajo Area…

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Algeria since Bouteflika resigned in face of mass protests

Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria’s longest-serving president, stepped down from power a year ago following months of relentless protests against his 20-year rule. The ailing octogenarian resigned on April 2, 2019 after the powerful army chief, the late General Ahmed Gaid Salah, asked him to stand down. More: Coronavirus tests Algeria’s protest movement Algerian women embrace a spirit of…

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Why Turkey is facing a steep curve of new coronavirus cases

Ankara, Turkey – Since declaring its first coronavirus case three weeks ago, Turkey has recorded one of the steepest trajectories of new cases in the world, amid fears it could become a hot spot of the pandemic. The rapid rise in cases – 18,135 confirmed infections and 356 deaths as of late Thursday – has…

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COVID-19: Lebanon municipalities ‘discriminate’ against refugees

Beirut, Lebanon – Nearly two dozen Lebanese municipalities have implemented restrictions targeting Syrian refugees amid the coronavirus pandemic, including curfews that do not apply to other foreigners or Lebanon’s citizens, according to Human Rights Watch. At least eight municipalities put tight curfews in place in early March, limiting the movement of refugees to about eight…

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Anti-government sentiment persists in Hong Kong

It will be one year on Friday since Hong Kong tried to pass a controversial extradition bill that many feared would compromise the city’s independent rule of law.The move triggered months of often violent anti-government protests – even after the bill was withdrawn.The streets are quiet now, but many believe the discontent remains.Al Jazeera’s Divya…

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COVID-19: The devastating effect on health workers

As health workers around the world put their lives on the line to save others in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, many have died and thousands of them have tested positive.A global shortage of protective equipment has added to the huge toll on their physical and mental wellbeing.Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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US DNC postpones 2020 convention due to coronavirus pandemic

The United States Democratic National Committee (DNC) will postpone its nominating convention from July to August over the coronavirus pandemic, DNC officials said on Thursday. The convention will be held on August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about a week before the Republican Party’s convention.  The postponement comes just days after former vice president and likely…

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Fury in Kenya over police brutality amid coronavirus curfew

Nairobi, Kenya – Since November, Emily Nyambura had been running a thriving mobile coffee business in Mathare, a densely populated settlement in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. With a growing customer base, she would earn on good days up to 1,500 Kenyan shillings ($15) – but all that changed last week.  More: In Pictures: Riding Kenya’s matatus…

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Coronavirus should make leaders reconsider the risks of conflict

It has been called the “third army”. Disease, that is. And when it becomes global in scale, it adds to the madness and destruction of wartime by ravaging military forces, decimating civilian populations, and confounding and sometimes even killing leaders. The most dangerous part of this invisible contingent is its indiscriminate nature – it kills…

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Coronavirus may change city designs

The coronavirus pandemic has already changed many aspects of life. How we travel, how we work and how we live. Experts warn it may even change how some of our cities will look and operate in the future. Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports from Bangkok, Thailand. SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

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Release of Kashmiri prisoners urged amid virus outbreak

As India observes a nationwide lockdown, one area has already been under heavy restrictions. There has been a curfew and communications blackout in Indian-administered Kashmir since the government revoked the region’s autonomy last year. Thousands of people have been arrested and held without charge or trial, and human rights groups say they must be released…

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We are heading for a pensions apartheid

Might middle-class savers’ dreams of financial security in old age be among the less obvious but most long-felt consequences of the coronavirus crisis? Could COVID-19 divide senior citizens into the have-yachts and the have-nots in the form of pensions apartheid? Is the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia a chilling example of the…

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Iraqis struggle to balance tradition and sanitation

The scale of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people say goodbye to loved ones. Across the globe, more and more people are dying alone and bodies are being buried without the usual traditions. In Iraq, where the virus has killed more than 50 people so far, some cemeteries are refusing to take the…

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Top US senator warns Saudi Arabia over oil price war with Russia

The strategic relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia may change if Riyadh does not end its oil price war with Russia, a leading US senator from oil-rich Alaska state has said. “The Saudis have really brought in a supply shock at exactly the wrong time,” Republican Senator Dan Sullivan told the CNBC network on Wednesday. “These kind of crises…

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Nearly 3,000 sailors to leave aircraft carrier amid outbreak

Nearly 3,000 sailors on board a United States aircraft carrier where coronavirus has spread will be taken off the ship by Friday, Navy officials said as they struggle to quarantine crew members in the face of an outbreak. So far, fewer than 100 of the nearly 5,000 sailors assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, now docked in…

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Six-week-old dies as US coronavirus death toll crosses 5,000

Death toll in the United States from the coronavirus pandemic has topped 5,000, with a six-week-old baby becoming one of the youngest known victims. At about 02:35 GMT on Thursday, 5,116 people had died in the US, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University, which came on the same day the country set a…

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COVID-19 death toll mounts in Ecuador

Hospitals and morgues in Ecuador are feeling the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are filled to capacity. So far, 98 people have died and more than 2,700 have been infected. And relatives say they are waiting for the bodies of the deceased to be collected. Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports. SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

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North Korea insists it is free of coronavirus

North Korea remains totally free of coronavirus, a senior health official insisted, despite mounting scepticism overseas as confirmed global infections approach one million. The already isolated, nuclear-armed country quickly shut down its borders and imposed strict containment measures in January after the news became public that the virus was detected in neighbouring China. More: Alarm and…

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Pakistan court overturns conviction in killing of Daniel Pearl

One of Sheikh’s lawyers said he could go free unless the government chooses to challenge the court decision [File: Getty] A Pakistani court on Thursday overturned the murder conviction of a British Pakistani man found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002. Instead, the court found Ahmed Omar…

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Grim one-day virus death toll for US, Spain, UK: Live updates

Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States have all reported the highest number of deaths in a single day since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The US recorded 884 coronavirus deaths, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. It has also confirmed more than 213,000 cases of the disease. More: Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed…

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‘Shoot them dead’: Duterte warns against violating lockdown

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned he would order the country’s police and military to shoot dead anyone “who creates trouble” during a month-long lockdown of the island of Luzon enforced to halt the spread of the coronavirus. “Let this be a warning to all. Follow the government at this time because it is critical…

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US believes Iran ‘directly involved’ in killing of dissident

The United States believes Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security was directly involved in the killing of an Iranian dissident last November in Turkey, a senior administration official told Reuters news agency on Wednesday. Masoud Molavi Vardanjani was shot dead on an Istanbul street on November 14, 2019. Citing Turkish officials, Reuters last week reported…

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Australia’s highest court to rule on Pell’s appeal next week

Australia’s High Court will deliver its ruling next week on whether to overturn the convictions of Cardinal George Pell, the most senior official in the Catholic Church ever to be convicted of child sex abuse. The 78-year-old Pell is one year into a six-year sentence for molesting two 13-year-old choirboys in Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral…

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As most European elections are called off, Poland pushes ahead

Warsaw, Poland – Despite mounting concerns about public safety, Poland’s elections scheduled for May 10 are set to go ahead. The Polish government insists that postponing the presidential vote would be premature, despite most other European countries exercising more caution in lieu of the coronavirus pandemic. “If there are conditions to go to a shop,…

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US coronavirus cases surpass 200,000 with more than 4,600 deaths

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States surpassed 200,000 on Wednesday as officials warned spikes in confirmed cases may soon be seen outside of large city centres.  At his daily briefing on Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said his state accounted for more than 83,000 of the total coronavirus infections and 1,941…

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Argentina sees at least 6 femicides during coronavirus quarantine

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Amid a strict, mandatory coronavirus quarantine, Rosana Melo woke up to an alarming message about her mother, Susana. It was her mother’s friend. She alleged that Susana’s partner of six years was telling people he had killed her. “Try to find mom,” she texted her sisters, who, like her, believed Susana…

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Despite good news, the Western Balkans are in trouble

On March 30, the North Macedonian flag was flown for the first time in front of NATO’s headquarters in Brussels. The former Yugoslav republic had waited for this moment for over a decade.   Had it not been vetoed by neighbouring Greece over a diplomatic dispute, North Macedonia would have joined the Atlantic Alliance together with Albania…

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Acclaimed South African scientist Gita Ramjee dies of coronavirus

Ramjee received awards for her work in finding new HIV prevention methods [Facebook] Gita Ramjee, a world-renowned scientist from South Africa, has died due to the coronavirus. Ramjee died on Tuesday a hospital in Durban on the East Coast, according to local media reports. She was 64. More: ‘Unprecedented’: South Africa goes into coronavirus lockdown South…

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Trump warns Iran of ‘heavy price’ in case of attack on US troops

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned Iran and groups linked to Tehran against attacking US troops or assets in Iraq, citing a possible “sneak attack” but giving no other details. “Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on US troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will…

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Woman in Greece first refugee to test positive for coronavirus

Athens, Greece – A woman who recently gave birth in Greece has become the first refugee to have contracted the coronavirus in the country, but it has not yet been confirmed where she picked up the infection – in her camp, the hospital or elsewhere. The woman, who has not been identified, delivered last week in a…

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US Democrats outline ‘phase 4’ of virus response

US House leader wants to move forward with an infrastructure bill when Congress returns to work after April 20. Top Democrats in the United States House of Representatives said on Wednesday that they intend to advance an enhanced $760bn infrastructure plan aimed at responding to the coronavirus outbreak. More: Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases?…

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Palestinian shot by Israeli army succumbs to wounds

A young Palestinian has died from wounded sustained three weeks ago when Israeli military forces opened fire on hundreds of people protesting against encroaching Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank.  The 22-year-old, identified on Wednesday as Islam Dweikat, was shot on March 11 along the outskirts of Nablus, according to the Palestinian health ministry.…

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Lebanon to investigate Ghanaian domestic worker’s death

Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanon’s labour ministry is investigating the death of Ghanaian domestic worker after an Al Jazeera investigation revealed she feared for her life because of alleged abuse by her employers. Faustina Tay was found dead in the early hours of March 14 in a car park under her employer’s fourth-floor home in Beirut’s southern…

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Tracking Africa’s coronavirus cases

Most countries on the continent have put in place restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus [Rogan Ward/Reuters] Less than two months after Egypt became the first country in Africa to confirm a coronavirus case, the outbreak appears to have reached almost every nation on the continent of 1.2 billion people. Of Africa’s 54…

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US doctors go online to reveal ‘bold, loud’ coronavirus truths

Dr Ming Lin says they were reasonable requests. Set up a triage system outside the hospital, check the temperatures of all patients, visitors and staff before they can go inside, and give healthcare workers scrubs so that they do not risk taking the novel coronavirus home with them, were high on his list. But about…

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Kenya to probe fatal police shooting of teenager

Kenya’s police have ordered an investigation into the death of a 13-year-old boy. The victim’s neighbours say he was killed when the police opened fire to enforce a curfew on Monday evening. The curfew is among new restrictions imposed by the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from Nairobi.

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In the Footsteps of a Tunisian Hero

The personal search for the truth about legendary Tunisian resistance leader Lazhar Chraiti, conducted by his son. 01 Apr 2020 16:11 GMT Tunisia, Independence, Colonialism Lazhar Chraiti, a legendary figure in Tunisia’s resistance to French colonial rule, was executed in 1963. More than 50 years later, Lazhar Chraiti’s son goes back to Tunisia to find…

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How COVID-19 saved Netanyahu

Former Israeli army chief Benny Gantz formed the Blue and White party just over a year ago to provide a viable alternative to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. Through three inconclusive elections, Gantz pledged to unseat Netanyahu, suggesting he poses a “threat to democracy” and ruling out partnership in a government led by a…

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COVID-19: Hate crimes against Asians on the rise in US

Activists in the United States are reporting a sharp increase in the number of racist incidents and hate crimes targeting people of Asian descent. Some community leaders accuse President Donald Trump of fanning the flames of prejudice. Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Los Angeles.

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Mexico COVID-19 cases top 1,000, declares state of emergency

Health officials in Mexico have declared a public health emergency as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases surges past 1,000. Several countries across Latin America and the Caribbean are extending calls for people to stay in their homes. Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City. SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

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India’s plan to modernise New Delhi raises heritage concerns

A three-kilometre (two-mile) stretch in New Delhi featuring some of India’s most iconic landmarks is to be redeveloped, angering historians and conservationists who say the move will rob the country of its heritage and valuable public space. Federal authorities last month said they would change the land use for the 86-acre (35-hectare) area that includes Parliament…

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Russian plane takes off for US with coronavirus help on board

A Russian military transport plane took off from an airfield outside Moscow on Wednesday and headed for the United States with a load of medical equipment and masks to help Washington fight the coronavirus pandemic. President Vladimir Putin offered Russian help in a phone conversation with President Donald Trump on Monday, when the two leaders…

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US COVID-19 pandemic: New Jersey reports more than 18,000 cases

As the COVID-19 death toll in the state of New York alone passed 1,500 on Tuesday night, with 300 deaths in 24 hours, adjacent state New Jersey is also being hit hard, Hundreds of thousands of commuters from New Jersey cross over into New York every day, which is why there has been a corresponding rise…

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‘Strike again’: US scientist predicts coronavirus return in fall

Coronavirus will likely “strike again” in the fall in the United States, according to the top American scientist tackling the disease. Dr Anthony Fauci, who is spearheading the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said he expects COVID-19 will reappear in a second wave in the October-November period. More: Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases? Your…

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South Korea sees slight decline in new coronavirus cases

South Korea is continuing to see a slight decline in new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, but that news is tempered by emerging clusters of infected patients, according to a media report. But the East Asian nation’s largely successful approach has been hailed by health officials around the world. Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Seoul…

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UK: Boy, 13, dies of coronavirus ‘without any family close by’

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, a 13-year-old boy from London who tested positive for COVID-19, has died. He is believed to be the United Kingdom’s youngest coronavirus victim. More:  UK coronavirus deaths rise 27 percent in one day Panama: 13-year-old girl with coronavirus dies, officials say Coronavirus: Which countries have confirmed cases? “Ismail was only 13 years old without…

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Hundreds of Nepalese stuck at India border amid COVID-19 lockdown

Darchula, Nepal – Ramesh Sista decided he would rather drown than die of hunger in India. The 29-year-old Nepali man managed to swim across the Mahakali river, which acts as a natural border between the two countries. “You can take me anywhere from here. Hundreds like me are stranded on the other side, sleeping like…

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Myanmar charges journalist under terrorism law, blocks news site

A Myanmar court has charged a journalist who published an interview with the Arakan Army rebel group under a terrorism law, while his website and others reporting on the conflict in the troubled western Rakhine state were blocked, Reuters News Agency reported on Wednesday. The court in the second-largest city, Mandalay, charged Nay Myo Lin,…

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In Pictures: Romanian daily life under COVID-19

People 65 and older are only allowed to leave their homes between 11am and 1pm. Around 11:30am, the market in Sighisoara gets crowded, mainly with older people buying fruits and vegetables. [Ioana Moldovan/Al Jazeera] Arad, Romania – After its first case of COVID-19 was discovered on February 26, Romania wanted to move fast to try to…

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UN chief says coronavirus ‘worst crisis’ since WWII: Live updates

The United Nations chief has warned the coronavirus pandemic presents the world with its “worst crisis” since World War II, with the number of dead in the United States now higher than in China and hard-hit countries in Europe reporting their highest number of deaths in a single day. The US announced some 800 deaths on Tuesday…

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Ex-US wildlife chief: Trump plan could kill billions of birds

A plan by the Trump administration to change the rules under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act could devastate the population of threatened and endangered species and accelerate their decline across North America, a former US wildlife official has warned. Dan Ashe, a former US Fish and Wildlife Service Director, told the The Associated Press news…

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Duterte presses on with ‘drug war’ despite coronavirus lockdown

This grim image has become all too familiar in the Philippines’s poorer neighbourhoods: the body of a barefoot, shirtless man, slumped against a wall with blood dripping from bullet wounds, the latest victim of President Rodrigo Duterte’s unrelenting anti-illegal drugs campaign that has killed thousands. On the morning of Sunday, March 23, police and anti-narcotics enforcers…

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New kids on the block: Welsh town invaded by goats

A Welsh seaside town has been invaded by a herd of Kashmir goats after the coronavirus lockdown left the streets deserted. The animals, who normally roam free on a nearby headland jutting out into the Irish Sea, have instead wandered into Llandudno, where they have spent the past three days feasting on garden hedges and…

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Trump’s $2 trillion will not shield minorities from coronavirus

A two-trillion-dollar stimulus plan – aimed at mending the US economy during one of the most volatile pandemics the world has ever seen – was officially approved by Congress last week. The largest economic rescue package in modern history will provide financial relief to taxpayers and their families, aid for hospitals, expanded unemployment benefits and loans…

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White House projects 100,000-240,000 US deaths from coronavirus

The White House on Tuesday projected 100,000 to 240,000 deaths in the United State from the coronavirus pandemic even if current social distancing guidelines are maintained. The projections were presented during a White House briefing on Tuesday. They suggest that, if no social distancing measures had been put in place across the country, between 1.5…

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Where are the US coronavirus hot spots?

New York remains the epicentre for coronavirus cases in the United States with more than 1,500 deaths and over 38,000 confirmed cases, but experts warn many other cities and states are quickly becoming hot spots for the outbreak.  While New York City sees a spike in hospitalisations, major cities in the states of Louisiana, Illinois,…

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Coronavirus turns US 2020 election into a virtual one

Broadcasting from the basement of his Delaware home, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden is hoping to transform his campaign, which, like much of public and professional life in the United States, has been upended by the spread of the coronavirus. In an effort to reclaim some visibility and propel his campaign into…

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UK coronavirus deaths rise 27 percent in one day

The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United Kingdom rose by 27 percent in the space of a day, according to new figures on Tuesday that a senior cabinet minister described as shocking and disturbing. The government said 1,789 people had died in hospitals from coronavirus as of 16:00 GMT on Monday, an increase…

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COVID-19: Spain, France record highest single-day deaths

The coronavirus outbreak shows no sign of slowing down in Europe. Spain and France have recorded their highest single-day death tolls, while more than 800 deaths were reported in Italy today. As Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports, mourners there held a minute’s silence to remember the victims. SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

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Appeals court OKs Texas abortion ban during coronavirus outbreak

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that Texas may go ahead with plans to temporarily ban most abortions during the coronavirus pandemic. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay on a ruling from a lower court that had blocked Texas from enforcing the ban. The ruling comes amid a wider effort…

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Syria air defences down Israeli missiles over Homs: state media

In this file photo released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on February 24, 2020, Syrian air defences reportedly intercept and Israeli missile over the Syrian capital Damascus. [File: AFP] Syrian air defences intercepted several Israeli missiles fired at targets in the centre of the war-torn country late on Tuesday, according to Syrian…

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Can the United States control its coronavirus outbreak?

The World Health Organization has warned the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic could shift to the United States. Although Italy, Spain and China have higher death tolls, the US now has nearly 165,000 infections – more than anywhere else in the world. A US naval ship with 1,000 hospital beds has arrived in New York…

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Tunisia extends lockdown by two weeks, releases prisoners

Tunisia will extend a lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus by two weeks to April 19, the presidency said in a statement on Tuesday. Tunisia has confirmed 362 cases of the coronavirus and nine deaths and has imposed a general lockdown for over a week, preventing people from leaving their homes except to…

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NY governor warns coronavirus apex still week to 21 days away

As the United States’s death toll from the coronavirus eclipsed China’s official count on Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned residents in that state, currently the US epicentre of a coronavirus outbreak, to accept the fact that it could be weeks before life returns to any semblance of normality. At his daily briefing in…

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Race to translate COVID-19 info as some US communities left out

Jonesboro, Arkansas – Melisa Laelan is used to challenges. Four years ago, a mumps outbreak affected the Marshallese community in northwest Arkansas. Laelan, the founder and executive director of the Arkansas Coalition of Marshallese, said they were able to move quickly, with help from the health department, to translate information so all those within the…

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Qatar welcomes Bahrain move to evacuate citizens stuck in Doha

Qatar has welcomed Bahrain’s decision to evacuate its own citizens who had been stranded in Doha after coming back from Iran on a Qatar Airways flight. The 31 Bahraini citizens, who landed in Doha on March 27, were unable to continue their journey home, as Bahrain does not allow direct flights to and from Doha…

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Afghanistan’s peace process is in danger of unravelling

Those of us who witnessed United States officials and Taliban representatives shake hands on February 29, 2020, were inspired by the political will for peace that we witnessed. Yet many of us have also recognised the inevitable difficulties in implementing the agreement concluded in Doha. But what we could not have anticipated was the two…

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Coronavirus: Digital aid groups rally neighbourly assistance

As more people in the United States are placed under shelter across place orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, residents are developing digital-based initiatives to make sure their neighbours stay safe, healthy and connected.  “All of a sudden this common good isn’t an abstract idea or of a particular political mindset,” said Morgan Schmidt, a…

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COVID-19: Gaza ramps up medical equipment production

Factories in Gaza are ramping up production of medical equipment to tackle the coronavirus. The territory has confirmed just 10 cases of the disease. But medics fear a wider spread would have devastating effects on the territory. Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports. SOURCE: Al Jazeera News

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Iran says ‘terrorist’ attack inside Turkey halts natural gas flow

Turkish state media says the blast happened close to the Gurbulak border crossing in the province of Agri [File: Anadolu] Iran’s natural gas exports to Turkey have stopped after a “terrorist” attack on a pipeline inside Turkey, an Iranian official told state television. “This morning, terrorists attacked a natural gas pipeline inside Turkey near Iran’s…

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COVID-19: ‘Panic’ among India health workers over PPE shortages

Early in March, a 37-year-old lab technician at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) in the western state of Maharashtra got sick at a time when the coronavirus pandemic was still not high on the Indian government’s agenda. “He had pneumonia in both his lungs and his condition was severe enough to be…

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In Pictures: New York, the coronavirus epicentre in the US

The mounting death toll from the virus outbreak in the United States had it poised on Tuesday to overtake China’s grim toll of 3,300 deaths. The US has the most confirmed cases in the world, a number that is likely to soar when tests for the virus become more widespread. More: Coronavirus: Which countries have…

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As domestic abuse rises in lockdown, France to fund hotel rooms

France intervenes after reports of domestic abuse to police jumped 36 percent in Paris and 32 percent elsewhere in France after the coronavirus restrictions came into force [File: Kirill Kudryavtsev/AFP] France has said it would pay for hotel rooms for victims of domestic violence and open pop-up counselling centres after figures showed the number of…

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Time is running out to protect refugees from a coronavirus crisis

In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has reached devastating proportions, touching nearly every country and territory around the world. The situation is bad, but it could get decidedly worse, especially if the disease infiltrates more of the world’s most vulnerable populations and communities, infecting those with the most limited access to prevention…

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Coronavirus: Philippines poor suffer after closures

The Philippines’ most populous island, Luzon, has been under quarantine for two weeks. That has left many of its poor unable to go out and work. And they have little in the way of a social safety net or savings to protect them. Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila.

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Amid coronavirus fears, Gaza couples downsize, delay weddings

Gaza City, Gaza – When the Hamas authorities reported the first two cases of coronavirus in the besieged Gaza Strip earlier this month, it was accompanied by an announcement that a slew of businesses would be shuttered indefinitely, including restaurants, cafes and wedding halls. The measures were introduced in an attempt to slow the potential…

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‘Hunger will kill us before coronavirus’, say Rohingya in India

Din Mohammad is doing everything possible in his power to keep his family and fellow Rohingya refugees healthy during a three-week lockdown enforced by the Indian government to fight the coronavirus. For the past week, Mohammad, 59, who lives with his wife and five children in Madanpur Khadar refugee camp in the capital, New Delhi,…

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Global race to find coronavirus vaccine

Countries around the world are racing to find a vaccine for coronavirus. In the United Kingdom, there is a call out for volunteers to participate in human trials. Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London.

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