Iran’s Grace 1 Oil Tanker Leaves Gibraltar – Report (Video)

World01:00 19.08.2019(updated 01:21 19.08.2019) Get short URLGibraltar authorities rejected a US request to extend the seizure of the Grace 1 tanker, citing differences in US and European sanctions against Iran. Gibraltar reportedly released the vessel after receiving assurances from Tehran that the ship would not deliver its cargo to Syria.The GBC News broadcaster said that…

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Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco Dead at 76

US23:56 18.08.2019(updated 00:26 19.08.2019) Get short URLKathleen Babineaux Blanco served as the governor of Louisiana from 2004 to 2008, the first woman elected to that position.Kathleen Blanco has died at the age of 76, according to multiple media reports, citing officials close to the family. Following initial reports, Blanco’s family issued a statement, confirming the death…

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Netanyahu Promises Military Operation in Gaza ‘If Necessary’

The prime minister insists that Israel does not want war, but will retaliate with “firmness” and “necessary consideration,” if forced to, regardless of the ongoing election campaign.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Tel Aviv will undertake a massive military campaign in Gaza Strip, if forced to, The Times of Israel reported Sunday. “We will…

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Jordan Summons Israeli Envoy to ‘Clarify’ Police ‘Violations’ During Clashes on Temple Mount

Middle East17:06 18.08.2019(updated 17:57 18.08.2019) Get short URLA week ago, clashes erupted between Israeli police and Muslim worshipers at the Temple Mount due to religious tensions over the coincidence of Muslim and Jewish holy days.Israel’s Ambassador to Jordan Amir Weisboard was summoned by the Jordanian government on Sunday to “clarify” the conduct of Israeli security…

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New High: French Pompidou Centre Reportedly Proposes BTS Collaboration

World16:47 18.08.2019(updated 16:56 18.08.2019) Get short URLIn June, the popular K-Pop boy band visited Paris as part of their world tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”.BTS, worldwide music sensation from South Korea, has received an invitation for collaboration from the legendary Pompidou Centre in Paris, media reported Sunday. According to the reports, one of the biggest…

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US Budget Provided Funds For Medium, Short-Range Missiles Year Before it Left INF – Shoigu

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Maduro Accuses Trump of Doing to Venezuela What Hitler Did to the Jewish People – Reports

Nicolas Maduro, an outspoken critic of the current US administration, has reportedly made somewhat unflattering parallels between President Donald Trump and the Nazi leader following the introduction of new crippling sanctions against Caracas.Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolas Maduro has compared his American counterpart Donald Trump’s actions against the Latin American country to Adolf Hitler’s persecution of…

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Iranian Tanker Grace 1 Leaving Gibraltar After Month-Long Arrest

Europe09:12 18.08.2019(updated 09:50 18.08.2019) Get short URLEarlier this week, the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 was given permission to leave Gibraltar after spending a month in detention after it was seized by UK marines.Watch Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 leaving Gibraltar, a month after it was formally detained on suspicion of breaching EU sanctions against Syria. Commenting on…

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Leaked ‘Classified’ UK Govt Documents Reveal No-Deal Brexit Aftershock Scenarios – Report

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Swarovski Latest Brand Embroiled in Wrong HK Reference Controversy

Austrian crystal maker Swarovski has become the latest international fashion company to get mired in controversy on Chinese social media after listing Hong Kong as a country on its website.Swarovski’s Asian spokesperson, actress Jiang Shuying, announced on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo platform on Tuesday that her team has cancelled their contract with the brand and…

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Runs in The Family? US Lawmaker Rashida Tlaib’s Grandmother Slams Trump

Israel permitted US Rep Rashida Tlaib to enter the West Bank as a private citizen to visit relatives, despite her support for the controversial Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Tlaib denied the offer, however, noting that Tel Aviv would require her to make no mention of her political affiliations, a move “meant to humiliate…

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George Soros Vows Extra Funding for Central European University in Budapest Despite ‘Stop Soros’ Act

The current Hungarian government and notorious billionaire George Soros have long locked horns due to their opposing views on immigration. Last year, Hungary passed the “Stop Soros” bill, making it harder for refugees to seek asylum in the country, while Soros’ Budapest-based foundations endorsing mass immigration have relocated to Vienna.George Soros’ Open Society Foundations is…

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Why Israel’s Ban on Two US Congresswomen Won’t Drive a Wedge Between Tel Aviv and Washington

While Tel Aviv is preparing for the September general elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under heavy criticism from US Democratic lawmakers and the Israeli opposition over barring two House Democrats, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, from entering the country.On 16 August, US Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib cancelled her trip to Israel after being…

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Pakistan Ramps Up Rhetoric as Indian Defence Minister Hints at Possibility of Nuclear Policy Change

Asia & Pacific09:27 17.08.2019(updated 09:50 17.08.2019) Get short URLIndia’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh while visiting Pokhran in western Rajasthan on 16 August suggested that the country’s “No First Use” nuclear doctrine may change in the future, as tensions continue to flare with Pakistan. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign affairs has issued a statement in the wake…

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France Should Improve Ties With Russia Before Trump Does the Same – Ex-French Foreign Minister

World09:21 17.08.2019(updated 09:36 17.08.2019) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Former French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine has said it is important to improve Paris’ relations with Moscow before US President Donald Trump boosts Washington’s ties with Russia.”It is necessary to again discover our relations with Russia without waiting for Trump who, if re-elected, would again give…

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Over 120 People Injured in Stone-Pelting Festival in India (Video)

Asia & Pacific09:12 17.08.2019(updated 09:18 17.08.2019) Get short URLNew Delhi (Sputnik): As people across India celebrated a sibling festival when sisters tie sacred threads on their brother’s wrists on 15 August, a large number of villagers in the state of Uttarakhand participated in an unusual traditional festival which involves throwing rocks at each other from…

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Watch ‘Sungrazer’ Comet Ram Directly Into the Sun

The comet in the video hits the Sun almost at the center and gets completely evaporated by the heat of the star. Comets of this class fly very close to the Sun’s surface and are frequently obliterated.On Thursday, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) space telescope recorded a spectacular video of a comet diving directly…

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US Army Developing AI-Guided Long-Range Smart Artillery Shell

The US Army is developing a new kind of “smart” artillery round that can find targets and adjust its flight path to hit them.The Cannon-Delivered Area Effects Munitions (C-DAEM) is a new 155-millimeter artillery round in development for the Army’s M777 howitzer, M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer and new XM1299 self-propelled howitzer. The high-tech shell will…

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US Nurse Filmed Stabbing Autistic Teen With Syringes Has License Revoked

New Jersey regulators have revoked the license of a nurse who was caught on camera stabbing an autistic teenager with syringes in 2016 at an Atlantic City hospital’s psychiatric unit. The state attorney general’s Division of Consumer Affairs announced Thursday that Naomi Derrick’s registered nursing license had been revoked by the New Jersey Board of…

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Trump Meeting With Aides on Afghanistan ‘Went Very Well’, Talks Proceeding – White House

US01:30 17.08.2019(updated 02:00 17.08.2019) Get short URLWASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Donald Trump’s meeting with his top security advisers and cabinet officials on Afghanistan peace talks went well and negotiations will proceed, according to White House spokesman Hogan Gidley.”Trump just concluded a meeting at Bedminster, NJ, with members of his national security team, including Vice…

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Watch: US Air Force Develops New Robot Pilot Tech to Operate Aged-Out Aircraft

In a new development from the US Air Force (USAF), researchers recently completed a multi-hour test flight that essentially turned a Cessna 206 Stationair into an unmanned aircraft. The USAF Research Lab’s Center for Rapid Innovation and aerospace company DZYNE Technologies concluded on August 9 the first two-hour flight of their collaborative Robotic Pilot Unmanned…

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Same Scheme May Have Been Used for Suspending Jordan Peterson, Tulsi Gabbard – Google Whistleblower

Tulsi Gabbard, a vocal proponent of breaking up the tech monopolies, had her campaign’s advertising account suspended by Google after the Democratic debate in late June and is currently seeking $50 million in damages.Zach Vorhies, a former Google employee who has been leaking documents suggesting political biases within the company, has rendered assistance to the…

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Gibraltar Says it Will Assess Any US Attempt to Stop Iranian Tanker’s Departure After its Release

World09:17 16.08.2019(updated 10:00 16.08.2019) Get short URLEarlier, authorities of Gibraltar ruled to release the Iranian oil tanker, which was captured on 4 July on suspicion of transporting crude to Syria in alleged violation of EU sanctions.Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has pledged that Gibraltar’s Supreme Court will weigh any US attempt to stop the Iranian…

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Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Welcomes Court’s Decision to Release Delpal to House Arrest

Russia18:04 15.08.2019(updated 18:05 15.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 Philippe Delpal, a partner at the Baring Vostok private equity group, was arrested in February along with the company’s founder, US national Michael Calvey, on suspicion of fraud.Earlier on Thursday, a Sputnik correspondent reported that the Moscow city court had released Delpal to house arrest. “On behalf…

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‘I Want This Pig Arrested’: Transgender YouTuber Prepares to Report Jessica Yaniv for ‘Doxxing’

World17:50 15.08.2019(updated 17:57 15.08.2019) Get short URLJessica Yaniv, a biological male who identifies as a woman, has recently engaged in an explosive live debate with another transgender woman, Blaire White, who called Yaniv a “blight” on the transgender community and called her out for allegedly harassing underage girls on social media.Blaire White, a US conservative…

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Twitter on Fire After Filipino Trans Woman Arrested for ‘Having a Penis’, Detained in Mall Basement

Viral17:42 15.08.2019(updated 17:55 15.08.2019) Get short URLA transgender woman began arguing with cleaning lady at a shopping mall in a district of the Philippines on Tuesday after attempting to enter the restroom. The victim filmed the footage as it happened, with others capturing video footage her being detained in the mall basement.Gretchen Cusodio Diez, 28,…

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Gibraltar Authorities Release Iranian Tanker Grace 1

Middle East17:20 15.08.2019(updated 18:06 15.08.2019) Get short URLEarlier, UK media reported that the British territory’s administrators would not be renewing the order to detain the Panamanian-flagged tanker, which was boarded by Royal Marines and placed under detention in early July amid claims that it was smuggling Iranian crude oil to a refinery in Syria, in…

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Hong Kong Airport Back to Normal Operation After Protests – Reports

Asia & Pacific10:03 15.08.2019(updated 10:06 15.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Hong Kong International Airport is returning to the normal operation mode on Thursday after all flights were suspended earlier this week as thousands of protesters staged a sit-in there, RTHK broadcaster reported, citing the airport’s administration.According to the RTHK broadcaster,…

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Beijing Accuses US of Being Involved in ‘Anti-China Criminal Activities’ in Hong Kong

World09:46 15.08.2019(updated 10:03 15.08.2019) Get short URL 0 120China has repeatedly warned foreign nations against meddling in the situation in Hong Kong, where the months-long anti-government protest movement has been surrounded by growing violence and unrest.Beijing has accused the Trump administration of engaging in “anti-China criminal activities” in the increasingly restive semiautonomous city of Hong…

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Training Plane Crashes in Iran, Killing Two – Reports

Middle East09:16 15.08.2019(updated 09:40 15.08.2019) Get short URLA light training aircraft crashed on Thursday in northern Iran, killing two people, Fars reported, citing local authorities.”It was a two-seat training aircraft. As a result of the accident … this morning … two crew members were killed,” Ali Hemmati, deputy governor of the Garmsar city district (Semnan…

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‘Storm Area 51’ Event Becomes Alien Themed Desert Festival

The original Facebook event titled ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ went viral in June, seeing millions confirming that they would ‘attend’ a mass raid on the top-secret US military facility. The base has long been an interest to UFO and conspiracy devotees due to its mysterious nature.Rather than launching a full-scale…

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IRGC Says Hezbollah Can ‘Wipe the Zionist Regime Off the Map by Itself’ in Latest Verbal Escalation

Middle East16:29 14.08.2019(updated 16:50 14.08.2019) Get short URLEarlier, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander claimed that the Lebanese militant group had 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel and ready to fire in the event of war.Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia group has the capability to defeat Israel without any foreign assistance, IRGC commander Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami has…

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Footballer Emiliano Sala Was Exposed to Carbon Monoxide Before Dying in Plane Crash – Investigators

Sport16:28 14.08.2019(updated 16:50 14.08.2019) Get short URLThe Argentinian-born football star was killed when the aircraft carrying him to Wales crashed into the English Channel this January. Football player Emiliano Sala and his pilot David Ibbotson were exposed to life-threatening levels of carbon monoxide before their plane crashed, the Air Accident Investigation Bureau revealed on Wednesday.…

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Ukraine Hands Over Criminal Records of MH17 Crash Suspects to Netherlands – SBU

World16:19 14.08.2019(updated 16:22 14.08.2019) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Ukraine has handed over the criminal records of three Russians and one Ukrainian, who are suspected of being involved in the downing of Flight MH17 in 2014, to the Netherlands, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said Wednesday.”On June 18, 2019, three Russian citizens … and one Ukrainian…

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India’s Chandrayaan-2 Leaves Earth’s Orbit, Heading Towards Moon

Tech08:38 14.08.2019(updated 08:41 14.08.2019) Get short URLNew Delhi (Sputnik): India’s ambitious lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 successfully left Earth’s orbit on Wednesday morning. According to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the spacecraft entered a Lunar Transfer Trajectory. The spacecraft is expected to reach the moon’s orbit on 20 August.”The final orbit-raising manoeuvre of Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was…

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South Korea Vows to Beef Up Military Capabilities Amid North Korean Launches

Asia & Pacific08:21 14.08.2019(updated 08:23 14.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 MOSCOW (Sputnik) – South Korea intends to boost its defence spending over the next years, the country’s defense ministry said on Wednesday, Yonhap News Agency reported amid alleged repeated missile tests by North Korea.”The ministry has decided to concentrate on enhancing defense capabilities…

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Cristiano Ronaldo Explains Why He’s Different from Lionel Messi

Football legend and Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo has explained why he and Lionel Messi can be considered as the greatest footballers ever.34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo paid tribute to the Argentinian superstar, saying that Lionel Messi has demonstrated a high degree of skill during his many years playing, but winning the Champions League titles with different clubs…

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Boxer Keeps Mum When Questioned Over Pillow Crime

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US Business Community Urges Trump to Wind Down Trade War With China – Report

US00:09 14.08.2019(updated 00:25 14.08.2019) Get short URLThe US trade representative announced earlier on Tuesday that the Trump administration would delay tariffs on certain consumer goods, from 1 September to 15 December, while also removing items from the list targeting Chinese products, including “cell phones, laptop computers, video game consoles, certain toys, computer monitors.”US President Donald…

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US to Delay Tariffs on Chinese Products Including Cell Phones, Laptops, Video Games – USTR

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Sportsman Faces Legal Action After He’s Filmed Biting off Live Rooster’s Head

Society16:47 13.08.2019(updated 16:54 13.08.2019) Get short URLThe Brigitte Bardot foundation created by the famous French actress in 1986, is devoted to the protection of animals. The organization recently raised concerns and threatened legal action after a shocking video that involved a sports celebrity biting off a live bird’s head went viral online. Animal rights activists…

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Austrian Prosecutors Raid Right-Wing Ex-Vice Chancellor’s Home in Corruption Probe

Europe16:41 13.08.2019(updated 16:44 13.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 Earlier, Austria’s former vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned following the release of a video filmed in an apparent sting operation at a luxury Ibiza hotel in 2017 that made headlines in Austria and Germany.According to Bloomberg, Austrian prosecutors raided the home of Heinz-Christian Strache on suspicions…

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UK Sends Warship to Gulf as Part of US Naval Mission to Counter Iran

The US has proposed establishing an international coalition to ensure maritime security in the Persian Gulf against the backdrop of spiralling US-Iran tensions and volatile incidents in the Gulf; the UK is signing up for the initiative.The UK dispatched the warship HMS Kent to the Persian Gulf on Monday as part of the US-led Maritime…

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Handyman Claims Financier Met ‘Princess Diana’s Secretary With Her Kids’ – Report

US08:45 13.08.2019(updated 08:46 13.08.2019) Get short URLThe claim comes as the FBI is investigating the apparent suicide of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his cell in the special housing unit of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre on Saturday morning. A former maintenance man of Jeffrey Epstein has claimed that he…

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Excited Golden Retriever Jumping Fail

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Canada Teen Murder Suspects Die in ‘Suicides by Gunfire’ – Report

US00:00 13.08.2019(updated 00:08 13.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said earlier, cited by local media, they have found the bodies of two teenagers wanted for a string of murders in British Columbia.According to the Canadian authorities, cited by AP, two teen fugitives died in what appears to be…

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Turkey’s Largest Ferris Wheel Set in Motion in Antalya – Reports (Photos)

Viral23:43 12.08.2019(updated 23:48 12.08.2019) Get short URLANKARA (Sputnik) – The highest Ferris wheel in Turkey opened in the resort city of Antalya, the Sabah newspaper reported Monday. The height of The Heart of Antalya wheel, installed in the Aktur amusement park in the Konyaalti district of Antalya, is 90 meters (295 feet).It provides a picturesque…

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Argentine Stock Market Slumps 38 Percent on Local Primary Results

Latin America23:41 12.08.2019(updated 23:56 12.08.2019) Get short URLArgentina’s peso currency crashed Monday, closing 15,27 percent weaker at 53.5 per US dollar after slumping some 30 percent to a record low of 65 to a dollar earlier in the day after Argentinian President Mauricio Macri suffered a loss in a primary election, Reuters reported.Meanwhile, the Buenos…

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Wasps Swarm Nest-Destroying Fugitive, Allowing German Police to Nab Him

A fugitive fleeing German police encountered two times the trouble and was ultimately apprehended after crashing into a wasp nest, provoking a swarm that was apparently scarier to him than jail time. A new kind of “sting operation” was underway in Oldenburg, Germany, on Monday after an unsuspecting police fugitive destroyed the home of countless…

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UK Diplomats to Quit EU Institutions Within Days – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – UK diplomats will be ordered to leave the European Union’s decision-making bodies shortly in line with the new prime minister’s promise to use them elsewhere, local media said Monday.”We are leaving the EU whatever the circumstances on 31 October. It therefore makes sense to review our attendance at EU meetings to make…

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Classy Makeover: Fashionable Golden Retriever Gets Stylish New Do

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Opposition Presidential Candidate Leading in Argentina’s Sunday Primaries

Latin America06:47 12.08.2019(updated 07:14 12.08.2019) Get short URLBUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – Opposition presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez is enjoying a 10 percentage point lead over incumbent President Mauricio Macri in Sunday’s primary election, according to the national electoral body’s preliminary results.In the primaries, Argentinians voted for presidential candidates who will represent a particular party in the…

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Militants Attacks Left 27 Syrian Servicemen Killed From August 10-11

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Militants attacked positions of the Syrian government troops on Saturday and Sunday, leaving 27 servicemen killed and seven more injured, the Russian Defence Ministry’s Center for Syrian reconciliation said.”All attacks by militants from terror groups have been repelled by the Syrian government troops. The militants suffered heavy losses. A total of 23…

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‘What a Game!:’ Side-Splitting Memes Flood Twitter as Manchester Utd Thrashes Chelsea 4-0

Sport22:56 11.08.2019(updated 23:04 11.08.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 The outcome of the opening weekend of the Premier League season has seen legendary former midfielder Frank Lampard lamenting a nightmarish first competitive match as Blues chief.The outcome of the opening weekend of the Premier League season has seen legendary former midfielder Frank Lampard, lamenting a…

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Australian MP Lashes Out at Drag Queen Storytelling for Children as ‘Inappropriate’

As library events involving storytelling and book-reading by drag queens have gained momentum in Australia, viewed as promoting “diversity and inclusion” among the young generation, there has also emerged fierce opposition to the trend.While proponents claim that such public readings being conducted by drag queens celebrates open-mindedness, critics like New South Wales Upper House MP…

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Arkhangelsk Region Blast Victims Recommended for Posthumous State Awards – Rosatom

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Employees of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) who were killed in an explosion during a rocket engine test at a training ground in the Arkhangelsk Region will be recommended for posthumous state awards, the Rosatom state corporation said.“Valentin Kostyukov [RFNC-VNIIEF director] said that the…

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