Russia Prohibits Army from using smartphones

Russian legislators have adopted a new bill banning servicemen from using electronic devises capable of taking photos, videos, and collecting geolocation data – basically, all modern portable gadgets. Read more The bill, approved by the State Duma in the final reading on Tuesday, forbids active-duty servicemen and reservists during training from sharing on the internet…

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Bulletproof’Putin’s limo’ filmed by the INSIDE (VIDEO)

A new video provides a rare glimpse at how an Aurus luxury armored limousine looks from the inside. The line of high-class vehicles are famously used by President Vladimir Putin himself. Footage released by the media on Monday shows a reporter exploring a white Russian-made limo at the IDEX 2019 arms expo in Abu Dhabi,…

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Women Dive into snowy ice bath wearing next to nothing (VIDEO)

A group of daredevils wearing only swimsuits took a dip in the freezing waters of Vladivostok. Just watching the video is enough to take your breath away. The girls braved the freezing waters of the Sea of Japan in Vladivostok in sub-zero temperatures in early February.“I’ve been doing this [winter swimming] for 10 years,” Natalia Aksenova,…

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No limitations for’Tomahawks’? What we understand about Moscow’s new nuclear cruise missile

Russia’s new nuclear cruise missile has entered the final stage of development following reports of successful tests. Officials say Burevestnik (‘Storm Petrel’) will have “unlimited” range and can outmaneuver any known defenses. The missile’s nuclear power unit was successfully tested back in January, Russian media reported on Friday, citing sources. This “crucial” stage of testing…

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WATCH’Putin’s cars’ race & Ramble in snowy Russian fields

New Russian luxury armored cars, the Aurus sedans, were taken for a spin during an annual event staged by the presidential driving team. The black cars, lights flashing, raced in snowy fields outside Moscow. The event is a competition between the most skilled drivers of the Federal Guard Service (FSO), who are tasked with protecting…

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Hunters: If the West beware of Russian drones that are new?

Russia is testing the heavy attack drone Okhotnik (‘Hunter’), which is designed to dismantle an enemy’s defenses. It is scheduled to enter service this year along with some similar models. Can it challenge the West’s UAV reign? The new heavy stealth attack drone Okhotnik will have its first test flight in the “nearest future,” Industry…

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Moscow cops may get AR-goggles with automatic facial recognition

The Moscow police may get a tool similar to what their Chinese counterparts have tested – augmented reality goggles that help officers identify people by matching them against a central database. A wearable device with facial recognition allows an officer to identify suspects on the wanted list by comparing people they interact with against a…

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Moscow cops Can get AR-googles with automatic facial recognition

The Moscow police may get a tool similar to what their Chinese counterparts have tested – augmented reality goggles that help officers identify people by matching them against a central database. A wearable device with facial recognition allows an officer to identify suspects on the wanted list by comparing people they interact with against a…

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Russian driver drags policeman along road, crashes & Has run over (VIDEO)

A routine driving license check in Kazan, Russia, was transformed into an action-packed GTA-style escape as the driver attempted to flee from police. Video footage shows a policeman reaching into a car for the driver’s documents. The man at the wheel suddenly clutches the officer’s hand and drives off, dragging the trapped policeman along the…

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Moscow’s Most Powerful snowstorm in 140 years Joys Sailors

Published time: 13 Feb, 2019 10:41 Edited time: 13 Feb, 2019 13:17 A historic snow blizzard has brought a white winter back to the Russian capital with social networks being deluged with idyllic picture postcard views A heavy storm hit Moscow during night, covering the city’s streets with an impressive 11mm (0.43 inches) of snow,…

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Moscow’s Most Powerful snowstorm in 140 years delights Sailors

Published time: 13 Feb, 2019 10:41 Edited time: 13 Feb, 2019 11:11 A historic snow blizzard has brought a white winter back to the Russian capital with social networks being deluged with idyllic picture postcard views A heavy storm hit Moscow during night, covering the city’s streets with an impressive 11mm (0.43 inches) of snow,…

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88yo WWII veteran heroically revisits Siege of Leningrad horrors on YouTube

A Siege of Leningrad survivor has stirred Russian YouTube with vivid stories of streets lined with corpses and people being so starved they resorted to eating jellied leather belts as he revisited his childhood war experience. Sergey Berezovsky was an 11-year-old boy when the Nazis and their Finnish allies shut down Leningrad, the former imperial…

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No more cat’manicures’: Animal activists Need ban on declawing in Russia

Based on a successful online petition calling for a ban on declawing, Moscow lawmakers have advanced a proposal that would protect cats from this painful surgery on the owners’ whim. If approved by the Lower House, the bill would prohibit veterinarians from performing declawing surgeries unless they’re necessary for medical reasons, such as the removal…

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Google starts censoring search results from Russia — report

Despite previously refusing to cooperate with Moscow, Google has now reportedly teamed up with Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor and has begun removing links to websites it has blacklisted. The California-headquartered internet giant has already deleted around 70 percent of the websites containing information banned in Russia, Vedomosti business daily reported Wednesday, citing a source in…

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Satisfy the luxury, Orthodox-friendly Russian Telephone dubbed’Tsar Vladimir’ (No, not THAT one)

A Russian company has revealed a gold-plated phone dubbed ‘Tsar Vladimir,’ complete with an Orthodox Christian cross symbolizing “transformation from violence to mercy.” The device hasn’t exactly received a royal welcome online. Those hoping for a fresh Vladimir Putin reference will be disappointed, as the brand-new ‘Tsar phone Golden Vladimir’ in fact refers to a…

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Thousands evacuated as Russia Struck by huge wave of bomb threats

Numerous photos of evacuations have been posted on social media after Russia was targeted by a massive wave of anonymous bombs threats which saw thousands leave buildings as a precaution. Warnings of explosives planted in the Russian capital, the Moscow Region and elsewhere in the country started to arrive early on Tuesday via telephone and…

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Russia’s Poseidon Submerged drone can hit at least 200km/h — reports

Poseidon, Russia’s brand new underwater drone, will be able to travel at a whopping speed of up to 200km/h (125mph) and dive as deep as 1km to pierce any defenses, reports say. The unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) “could penetrate any submarine warfare countermeasures and other enemy defense systems due to a fully autonomous control system,”…

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Russian efforts for disarmament unsupported by’partners’ for Decades — Putin

Moscow tried to arrange “substantial” disarmament talks for years, but ‘partners’ didn’t support this initiative, the Russian president said while announcing the suspension of the INF Treaty in a ‘mirror’ response to US steps. “Over many years we suggested frequently and regularly conducting substantial talks on almost all aspects of disarmament,” Vladimir Putin said. “…

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Google pays fine to Press watchdog amid content row

US media giant Google has paid a fine to Russian authorities over its non-compliance with the country’s laws – namely, the apparent refusal to exclude blocked and illegal resources from results on its search engine. Read more Google has transferred the funds it was ordered to pay following an administrative case in Russia, a spokesman…

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BBC found in Breach of laws — watchdog

A Russian media watchdog has found ‘certain violations’ in activities of the BBC World News broadcaster in Russia. The probe into the broadcaster’s actions was launched in response to the British regulator’s ruling against RT. British Television, a company broadcasting BBC World News in Russia, has been found in breach of Russian legislation, Roskomnadzor (RKN),…

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Iron brawl: Fighting tractors caught on VIDEO in Moscow

Three tractors were filmed behaving very strangely in the snow-covered Russian capital. Were they really fighting, just fooling around, or had one of them got stuck and needed help? Watch the VIDEO and decided for yourself! A blue tractor can be seen shoving his immobile counterpart with his scoop in the footage. It tries approaching…

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US right to expect Russian ‘progress’ in air defense, subs & electronic warfare in 2019

US intelligence chief Daniel Coats was not mistaken to say that Russia will keep modernizing its military this year, an expert told RT, expanding on the country’s newest developments in air defense, submarines and electronics. The US Director of National Intelligence shared his assessments of Russia’s military capabilities with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.…

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New Russian bill may legalize importation of cannabis for medical research

The Russian Health Ministry has drafted a bill authorizing the importation of cannabis for the purpose of studying the drug’s “addiction-causing capacities.” New amendments to the legislation propose importing 1.1kg of marijuana, 300g of hashish, and 50g of hash oil. The legislation would also increase the importation quota of tetrahydrocannabinol – the chemical responsible for…

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Blizzard paralyzes Moscow with 50+ car collisions & dozens of flight delays (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Dozens of accidents, including massive pileups blocking major motorways, have virtually brought the Russian capital to a standstill amid an extreme snowstorm that also temporarily disrupted air traffic in Moscow. The Moscow authorities have deployed over 12,000 pieces of equipment to clear snow from roads and sidewalks across the city. Nevertheless, severe weather conditions in…

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US plans for space wars are real – Russian Foreign Ministry

US plans to pursue development of space-based interceptors signals that Washington would use space for military operations, the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned. Washington’s concept of a space-based interceptor capable of destroying missiles in the boost phase was presented in the US Missile Defense Review (MDR) last week.In the speech announcing the publication of the…

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Ancient woman with ‘ALIEN-LIKE’ SKULL unearthed in Russia (VIDEO)

The remains of a woman, believed to be from antiquity, with an elongated alien-like skull has been found during excavations of an ancient burial site in southern Russia. Since 2017 bones belonging to humans and numerous wild and domestic animals, along with a large number of ceramics, ornaments and bronze arrowheads have been discovered at…

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Russian bots: Armed Uran-9 ground drones enter service

The Uran-9 robotic armed vehicle has quietly entered military service, it’s producer has revealed. The 12-ton tracked ground drone was tested in Syria before being signed into mass production. The drone is one of several products from a company called 766 UPDK, but control over it was recently transferred to Kalashnikov Concern, a leading Russian…

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Facebook & Twitter set to face fines over legal violations in Russia

The Russian telecom watchdog has opened legal proceedings against social media giants for defying local data protection laws. Facebook and Twitter failed to provide “tangible information” in relation to their compliance with national laws that require the companies to keep Russian users’ data in the country, a spokesperson for Roscomnadzor told local media.The tech giants…

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‘This is hell like’: Rare winter thunderstorm hits Moscow

Published time: 19 Jan, 2019 14:53 Thunder and lightning amid heavy snowfall stunned people in the Russian capital on Saturday night. Videos show surreal combinations of light, darkness, and blizzard. Videos shared by Moscow residents show heavy snowstorm coupled with occasional streaks of lightning, while growls of thunder are also heard.There is not much chance…

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Reinforcing northern flank: Russian Arctic troops to get first Pantsir-SA air defense system in 2019

Russian troops are expected to receive their first Pantsir-SA this year – a variant of the medium-range anti-aircraft system, designed specifically to operate in the extremely harsh conditions of the Arctic region. The new machine is expected to head for testing “within days,” Deputy Defense Minister Aleksey Krivoruchko said on Tuesday. The high-ranking official has…

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RT joins Russian paratroopers in first airdrop of the year (VIDEO)

Russian Airborne Troops have held the first airdrop exercise of the year, braving the frosty weather. An RT reporting crew joined the servicemen, taking a wild ride in a transport plane. The first 2019 tactical drills were held this week at several locations across the western part of Russia. Paratroopers were tasked with capturing and…

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