NASA Publishes Photo of Spiral Galaxy That Looks Like Giant Frisbee

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, which orbits the Earth, captures images of distant galaxies of all shapes and sizes in the universe.A spiral galaxy located about 60 million light-years away, in the constellation of Hydra (the Sea Serpent), has been captured in a photo by the Hubble Telescope.  The so-called NGC 3717 is seen sideways in the…

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Red Carpets Are for Wimps! How UAE Greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin

On Tuesday, Russia’s commander-in-chief began his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is dedicated to a variety of issues ranging from affairs in the Middle East to boosting business cooperation. The reception that the hosts offered him in Abu Dhabi has given a new meaning to the word “welcome”.Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit…

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US Troops Fully Withdrawn from Manbij – Senior US State Department Official

Middle East19:15 15.10.2019(updated 19:49 15.10.2019) Get short URLThe Syrian army previously retook control over the city of Manbij amid a confrontation between Kurdish militants and Turkish forces that started almost a week ago, following the beginning of Ankara’s offensive in Syria.The United States will increase sanction pressure on Ankara unless the crisis in north-eastern Syria…

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China’s Gold Purchases

Double Down11:40 15.10.2019Get short URL 0 0 0 On today’s episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to precious metals expert, Craig Hemke of about China’s gold purchases.As China steps up their public purchases of gold, DOUBLE DOWN asks Craig Hemke of TF Metals Report what it all means in the…

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Civil Aviation Training Plane Crashes in Antalya, Turkey – Reports

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ae˜hate-trump-train:ae-project-veritas-drops-shock-leaks-claimed-to-expose-cnnaesa anti-potus-ae˜crusadeae

‘Hate Trump Train:’ Project Veritas Drops Shock Leaks Claimed to Expose CNN’s Anti-POTUS ‘Crusade’

US11:29 15.10.2019(updated 11:33 15.10.2019) Get short URLThe conservative investigative journalist group has spoken to a purported former CNN staffer, who provided recordings of conference calls which he claims expose CNN’s anti-Trump bias, but most importantly, expose what ordinary CNN employees think about the imposed editorial agenda.Project Veritas has come up with bombshell “undercover recordings” made…

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Riyadh Might Green Light Saudi Aramco’s IPO This Week – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The initial public offering (IPO) of Saudi Aramco might be officially authorized by the government of Saudi Arabia as early as this week, media reported on Monday.According to The Financial Times, citing sources familiar with the matter, the domestic listing of Saudi Arabia can be signed off this week before it gets…

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Margaret Atwood, Bernardine Evaristo Share 2019 Booker Prize Award

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Germany to Open Its 5G Market to Huawei Despite US Pressure – Report

Previously, the US threatened to cut its allies off from intelligence-sharing programmes if they allow Chinese tech giant Huawei to participate in the construction of their high-speed 5G networks. Despite this, many countries have ignored these threats.A draft version of a new set of security requirements for telecommunications networks in Germany does not contain a…

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Beware of the Thing! Man Drags “Snake” Out From Grass

Videoclub20:00 14.10.2019(updated 20:03 14.10.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 SubscribeThree men have been captured on video standing next to some tall grass in what appears to be a serious “snake situation” when a tamer tries his best to catch the apparent serpent without being bitten.A funny video of a man acting like he’s taming…

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Rossiya Segodnya News Agency, Saudi Media Ministry Agree to Open Office in Riyadh

Society19:30 14.10.2019(updated 20:01 14.10.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 RIYADH (Sputnik) – The Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency and the Saudi Ministry of Media have reached an agreement on opening the agency’s representative office to accommodate its accredited correspondents.The relevant document was signed on the sidelines of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the…

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Saudi Aramco May Conduct IPO in October – Chairman

RIYADH (Sputnik) – Saudi Aramco may conduct an initial public offering (IPO) in October, Chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan said on Monday.”Saudi Aramco’s IPO will be held very soon, we are fulfilling our plans smoothly and fast. You’ll hear about it very soon. I think we can expect it this month”, Al-Rumayyan, who is also the governor…

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Major Blaze Breaks Out at Commercial Building in Mumbai, India – Video

Asia & Pacific11:47 14.10.2019(updated 11:49 14.10.2019) Get short URLSubscribeThis is not the first time a fire has erupted in the Veera Desai area of Andheri in Mumbai, infamous for its congested traffic and chaos.A major fire broke out at a 22-storey commercial building in Peninsula Park, in India’s financial capital Mumbai. The building is opposite…

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France to Ensure Safety of Its Military, Civilian Personnel in Northern Syria In ‘Coming Hours’

Middle East02:18 14.10.2019(updated 02:58 14.10.2019) Get short URLFrance suspended arms sales to Turkey on Saturday over Ankara’s ongoing military incursion into the northern part of Syria, which was earlier condemned by the nation’s president, Emmanuel Macron.French President Emmanuel Macron is set to hold an emergency defence cabinet meeting on Sunday, the main purpose of which is…

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Protesters Burn Two Military Vehicles in Quito – Ecuadorian Interior Ministry

Latin America02:14 14.10.2019(updated 02:35 14.10.2019) Get short URLEcuadorian authorities earlier on Sunday temporarily lifted a curfew imposed amid ongoing protests in the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito.The Ecuadorian Interior Ministry said Sunday that at least two military vehicles were torched amid mass unrest in the Ecuadorian capital. Mass protests erupted in Ecuador in early October…

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Biden Says He is ‘The Only Reason’ Behind Trump’s Impeachment in Bid to Spin Corruption Allegations

US02:06 14.10.2019(updated 03:10 14.10.2019) Get short URLThe impeachment inquiry was filed after a whistleblower complained that Trump asked the newly-elected Ukrainian president to probe whether the two Bidens had engaged in wrongdoings.The Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President, Joe Biden, took credit for US President Donald Trump’s impeachment in an eyebrow-raising statement on Sunday.…

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Russian Tennis Star Medvedev Wins Shanghai Masters, Beats Germany’s Zverev

Sport19:58 13.10.2019(updated 20:03 13.10.2019) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev defeated Germany’s Alexander Zverev on Sunday to win the Shanghai Masters title.The 23-year-old Russian player, ranked fourth in the world, beat Zverev 6-4, 6-1. This is the third title Medvedev captured in his six consecutive finals, apart from the Cincinnati Masters…

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Why So Serious? Black Shiba Inu Smiles and Gives a Paw

Videoclub19:00 13.10.2019Get short URL 0 0 0 SubscribeThe mentality of dogs exceeds the intelligence of many other animals, including cats, parrots and horses, as dogs have excellent associative abilities and are easy to teach.A black Shiba Inu from Japan has been captured while doing the “give a paw” trick with its owner. The dog seemed…

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Rose McGowan Slams Hillary Clinton for Protecting ‘Monster’

US18:44 13.10.2019(updated 19:28 13.10.2019) Get short URLThe former starlet became one of the loudest voices of the MeToo movement after decrying Harvey Weinstein as a sex predator in a story by Ronan Farrow. New claims that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s staffer tried to pressure Farrow to drop a probe into the embattled Hollywood producer…

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Stay Out of Politics: Netizens Blast Dwayne Rock Johnson’s Post About Friendship With Sen. Warren

It’s almost impossible for celebrities to disappoint their fan base. Admirers are ready to forgive anything – decisions to star in bad movies, regrettable fashion choices, or unacceptable behaviour. But one celebrity, however, has decided to prove that nothing is impossible for him.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “surprised” his fans when he boasted of his friendship…

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Norway Wary of Nordic Daesh Fighters Possibly Fleeing Syria In Event of New Combat – Academic

NATO allies have increasingly expressed concern over Turkey pressing with a new round of a military campaign in Syria, and most particularly, over Ankara’s hardline stance on Kurds, whom it brands “terrorists”, while the latter took action against Daesh newcomers from Scandinavian countries.After Ankara launched a new military operation against Syrian Kurds and remaining Daesh…

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Iran’s Zarif Offers Mediation in Resolving Turkish-Syrian Border Standoff

Middle East11:39 13.10.2019(updated 11:53 13.10.2019) Get short URLThe northeastern border conflict has seen another twist as a result of Turkey’s latest offensive launched against the YPG forces that are currently in control of the area, with Ankara equating the Syrian Kurds to the domestic group PKK considered to be an extremist opposition organisation in Turkey.Iranian…

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Lock Them Up: Dems Consider Jailing Trump Admin Officials for Ignoring Subpoenas – Rashida Tlaib

Tensions are on the rise on Capitol Hill as an impeachment investigation into President Trump proceeds. Now Democrats say they are ready to call in sergeant-at-arms if officials named in the inquiry do not comply with congressional subpoenas.Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib said Democrats involved in an impeachment inquiry have had “serious discussions” about jailing people…

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AI-Empowered Killer Robots May Wipe Out World Cities in Just Seconds, Ex-Google Engineer Warns

Since 2015, thousands of Al-experts have joined together to sign petitions and open letters calling for the prohibition of autonomous weaponry systems, including 3,000 Google employees who were previously involved in a programme helping to build a system of autonomous machines for drone video recognition technology.A former Google software engineer Laura Nolan has warned that…

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US Media Reveal US Envoy’s Testimony to Congress in Trump Impeachment Case – Report

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Mexican Embassy in Quito Offers Shelter to Ecuador Opposition Lawmaker Rivadeneira – Report

Latin America03:32 13.10.2019(updated 04:01 13.10.2019) Get short URLEcuador has been suffering from mass unrest since early October after Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno proposed austerity measures – introduced as economic reforms – cutting decades-long fuel subsidies to get a new bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).The Mexican embassy in the Ecuadorian city of Quito…

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Super Typhoon Hagibis Death Toll in Japan Hits 8, 106 Injured – Report

Asia & Pacific03:02 13.10.2019(updated 03:30 13.10.2019) Get short URLMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Local media reported earlier, citing Japanese meteorologists, that Super Typhoon Hagibis could become more destructive than the powerful 1958 Typhoon Ida that killed over 1,000.At least 8 people were killed and more than 100 injured after Hagibis barreled over Japan during the weekend, the…

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Thatcher Stole Essential Industries – Time to Take Them Back

In every UK and Scottish election since 1997 I have helped to write socialist manifestos. Many of the policies which were dismissed as extreme or unrealistic by the grey suited middle class ‘mainstream’ have gone on to become ‘mainstream’ solutions to societal problems. Campaigning for re-nationalisation of the rail network and formerly publicly owned energy…

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Large Part of Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction Collapses in New Orleans, Casualties Reported

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Shooting Reported at New Hampshire Church, Assailant Apprehended

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Ford Dealership Sparks Outrage by Launching Gun and Bible Giveaway

Amid debate about gun laws following three deadly mass shootings since June that left 38 people dead, a Ford dealership in South Carolina has decided to liven up the season, which is considered dead for car sales, with a campaign under the slogan “God, Guns and America!” While some have embraced the offer, others lambasted…

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‘Ballistic’ Bolton, Others Scrambling to Do Something About Trump’s Ukraine Call – Reports

The July talk with Volodymyr Zelensky landed in the Democrats’ crosshairs fuelling an impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower, alleged to have had ties with a Democratic 2020 candidate, launched a complaint. However, contrary to the accusations, a newly uncovered memo suggests no military aid was mentioned, ruling out quid pro quo allegations.At least four national…

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Indian PM Modi to Xi Jinping: Differences Should Not Escalate into Disputes

New Delhi (Sputnik) – Setting aside recent differences over Ladakh, India and China have decided to start a new chapter in their relationship with the “Chennai Vision”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said after holding a second round of informal talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday. Narendra Modi has reiterated that differences should not…

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Pakistan Must Stop Supporting Terrorists, US Senator Insists

World10:49 12.10.2019(updated 10:55 12.10.2019) Get short URLSeveral US officials have been overseas this week to visit Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to discuss counterterrorism efforts in the region and the stabilisation of Kashmir. US Senator Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) has said that Pakistan must stop supporting the Taliban* and other terrorist groups, following a visit to Islamabad…

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US National Space Society Mourns Russian Cosmonaut Leonov’s Passing

World10:37 12.10.2019(updated 10:53 12.10.2019) Get short URLMOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US non-profit space advocacy group National Space Society (NSS) has expressed grief and extended condolences to Russia’s spaceflight community over the passing of Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, the first man to conduct a spacewalk.”Alexei Leonov was one of the greats in spaceflight. His early exploits…

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Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion Protestors Block Trafalgar Square in London (Photos)

International eco-activist group, Extinction Rebellion, has staged waves of protests via waves of mass demonstrations, sit-ins and disruptions across the country. Extinction Rebellion protests have entered their fifth day on Friday, where activists began blocking a major thruway near the roundabout at Trafalgar Square leading to The Strand. Police began forming a massive cordon around…

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Trump Nominates John Sullivan as Ambassador to Russia – White House

US19:29 11.10.2019(updated 19:52 11.10.2019) Get short URLSubscribeEarlier this year, US President Donald Trump said that Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan “very well could be” the next US ambassador to Russia. The statement came after Jon Huntsman announced his resignation from the post.US President Donald Trump announced his intent on Friday to nominate Deputy Secretary…

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wins 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

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Norwegian Nobel Committee Announces Peace Prize Winner – Video

Society12:02 11.10.2019Get short URL 0 0 0 SubscribeNorway’s Nansen Peace Centre suggested earlier in the week that Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is one of the favourites to win the peace prize as the refugee crisis and climate change may play a central role in the nomination.A committee of five people, appointed by the Norwegian…

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Donald Trump Becomes Newest Twitch Streamer As Part of Reelection Bid

US President Donald Trump, who has a contentious history with Amazon, the company that owns Twitch, isn’t the first politician to take to the streaming site as the 2020 presidential campaign is gathering steam.US President Donald Trump has joined streaming service Twitch as part of his re-election strategy in the midst of the 2020 presidential…

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Turkey to NATO: We Expect Solidarity From Allies on Northern Syria Operation

Middle East11:44 11.10.2019(updated 12:03 11.10.2019) Get short URLThe Turkish military is currently conducting an anti-terror military operation in northern Syria — a third one in three years — with a stated goal of clearing the way for the return of millions of Syrian refugees and stamping out the security threat near its southern border.Ankara expects…

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‘Baseless Propaganda’: Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Blasts EU Resolution Alleging ‘Russian Meddling’

Europe11:33 11.10.2019(updated 11:34 11.10.2019) Get short URLThe resolution re-hashed familiar ‘Russian meddling’ accusations that Moscow has categorically rejected. Britain has been sounding the Russian fear-mongering alarm the loudest; last year, London succeeded in getting Russian diplomats expelled from dozens of countries in a bid to seek solidarity over its Skripal allegations.Nigel Farage and his Brexit…

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Award-Winning Indian Music Composer Questions Films Depicting Musicians as Fatal Drug Addicts

New Delhi (Sputnik) – Oscar-winning Indian music composer A.R. Rahman questions why musicians are often portrayed in movies as suicidal losers who become drug addicts and die.The Grammy-winning composer addressed what he described as stigmas surrounding musical artists on the sidelines of the ongoing Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in South Korea. “If you look…

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SAP CEO Bill McDermott Steps Down

Business01:56 11.10.2019(updated 02:22 11.10.2019) Get short URLThe German software giant announced that its CEO will not renew his contract, but will remain as a consultant until the end of the year.Bill McDermott, CEO of German multinational software corporation SAP, is stepping down, the company announced Thursday. According to a company statement cited by the report,…

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Sajid Javid to Commission Coin in Honour of Mahatma Gandhi

Sajid Javid, born in the UK to Pakistani immigrants, currently serves as chancellor of the exchequer under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and has been voted for 2 consecutive years as the most influential Asian in Britain at the GG2 Leadership Awards.UK Chancellor Sajid Javid will unveil plans to commission a new coin commemorating Indian independence…

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‘Top Secret’ Radar Upgrade Reportedly Allowed US Navy to Finally Spot UFOs

The former naval radar operator noted that “everyone is seeing” the UFOs since a certain secret upgrade was introduced to US warships “fleet-wide”.It appears that the infamous encounter of an unidentified “Tic Tac”-shaped object by the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was made possible due to a certain upgrade introduced to the warships’ spyware, according the…

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Baby Dog is Besieged by Raccoons

Videoclub19:00 10.10.2019Get short URLSubscribeDo you want to sit peacefully and think, maybe, about Pedigree Denta Stix? And what will you do if someone starts getting on your nerves?A white-coloured small dog was surrounded by three raccoons who began sniffing him with seemingly great passion. At first, the dog showed some inclination to sniff them back,…

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‘Dropping a Bomb in Middle of the Meeting’: FBI Reportedly Had ‘Oh S***’ Moment on Clinton Emails

The FBI reopened its investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails in late October 2016, just days before her dramatic loss to Donald Trump in November.An FBI agent rifling through former US congressman Anthony Weiner’s digital devices on the lookout for explicit and otherwise inappropriate ‘sexting’ messages to a 15-year-old girl which led to…

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British Inventor Sir James Dyson Reportedly Scraps Electric Car Project

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Sanders Says He ‘Misspoke’ About His Intent on Election Campaign Slowdown

US18:47 10.10.2019(updated 18:48 10.10.2019) Get short URLLast week, Bernie Sanders was hospitalised with chest pains in Las Vegas, with his staff stating that the 78-year-old would cancel all of his pre-election race-related events until further notice.Bernie Sanders has retracted his previous statements about his intent to slow down his presidential election campaign after a recent…

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Fatboy Slim Praises Climate Activist Greta Thunberg With Re-Hash of 90s Hit

Greta Thunberg’s fervent speech at the UN General Assembly went viral, sparking a plethora of memes and a number of quotes. This time, her heart-felt plea was sampled into a 20-year-old super hit by a famous British artist.British DJ Fatboy Slim has incorporated excerpts from 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s fiery speech at the recent…

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Lorde Fans Launch Mock Online Campaign to ‘Break Singer Out of Jail’

Viral11:01 10.10.2019(updated 11:02 10.10.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 New Zealand media has reported that the opposition National Party was considering fining parents of “early school leavers”: young people who quit school without attaining any qualifications or employment, if it won next year’s election. A recently floated proposal of the opposition in New Zealand…

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Turkish Forces Have Seized ‘Designated Targets’ in Northeastern Syria – Defence Ministry

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Beijing to Tighten Visa Restrictions on US Travellers With Ties to ‘Anti-China’ Groups – Reports

This comes after Beijing’s embassy in Washington protested a decision by the US to impose visa restrictions on senior Chinese officials, describing the move as a violation of “the basic norms governing international relations”. Beijing is considering tightening visa restrictions for US nationals with ties to anti-China groups, Reuters cited unnamed Chinese sources as saying…

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US Military Takes Custody Of 2 UK ‘Beatles’ Daesh Members – Report

Middle East02:41 10.10.2019(updated 02:44 10.10.2019) Get short URLThe two may be relocated to Iraq over concerns that the Turkish incursion in northern Syria may endanger “high-value” detainees, anonymous US officials say.The US military took custody of two Daesh members originating from the UK who were in Kurdish custody in northern Syria, The Washington Post reported…

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Turkish Defence Ministry Outlines Reasons Behind Its ‘Operation Peace Spring’ in Syria

Middle East02:34 10.10.2019(updated 02:57 10.10.2019) Get short URLThe military offensive, dubbed ‘Operation Peace Spring’, was launched by Ankara earlier on Wednesday in a stated effort to clear a border zone of Daesh terrorists and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).Hours after the launch of the offensive, the Turkish Defence Ministry tweeted several justifications for its…

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Trump Owes More Than $840,000 in Security Costs for Campaign Rallies

US President Donald Trump has failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of security assistance fees for his rallies across the US, a Tuesday report from Politico has revealed. At least 10 cities have confirmed that they have not been reimbursed by Trump’s campaign for providing police and fire department services when he…

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Chinese Consumers Experience iPhone, iPad Glitches as Beijing Slams Apple

China-based iPhone and iPad users have been experiencing a number of service issues following Apple’s decision to greenlight a controversial app that allows the tracking of Hong Kong police and riots. International tech giant Apple is being dragged by Chinese state media and reportedly received an order to cease allowing consumers to download HKMap Live,…

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Detained in Iran, Russian Journalist Yuzik Departs for Moscow – Embassy

Middle East02:08 10.10.2019(updated 02:29 10.10.2019) Get short URLRussian journalist Yulia Yuzik arrived in Tehran on 29 September on a private invitation, but her passport was seized at the airport for unknown reasons. She was arrested on 2 October at her hotel. Initial reports claimed that Yuzik was accused of spying for Israeli intelligence.Iranian government spokesman…

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Nepal Confirms Chinese President Xi Jinping’s State Visit

New Delhi (Sputnik): Chinese President Xi Jinping will undertake a two-day state visit to Nepal on 12 and 13 October, the country’s Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday.President Xi will be the first Chinese Head of State to visit Nepal in 23 years, according to media reports. The last Chinese President to visit Nepal was Jiang…

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Australia, Netherlands Committed to Achieving Justice for MH17 Victims – Prime Minister

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Australia and the Netherlands remain committed to achieving justice for victims of the MH17 plane crash in eastern Ukraine, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday.”Prime Minister Rutte’s exceptional leadership to establish the MH17 Joint Investigation Team embodies the collective and unwavering commitment of our countries to stand firm on MH17…

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Too Serious to Rest: Cat Fails to Enjoy Time at the Seaside

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Kremlin Blasts Bogus NYT Story on Super-Secret Russian Intel Unit Designed to ‘Destabilise Europe’

Europe18:42 09.10.2019(updated 18:53 09.10.2019) Get short URLEarlier, the US’s ‘newspaper of record’ reported that Russia’s GRU military intelligence service had created an elite but surprisingly frugal and sloppy military formation designed to engage in ‘destabilisation’ operations across the European continent.The New York Times’ story on ‘Unit 29155’, an alleged assassin and sabotage squad made up…

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SDF Calls for ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Northeast Syria After Turkey Announced Military Operation

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Ankara might begin a military offensive in Syria within the coming days to clear Kurdish militants from the Syrian border and create a security zone to accommodate Syrian refugees in the area.The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Wednesday called upon the international community…

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Norwegian Terrorism Researcher Sees ‘Very Low’ Risk in Bringing Home Daesh Widows, Children

According to local Kurdish authorities, Sharia courts have been established by inmates at refugee camps to punish and kill “infidels”, while terrorist indoctrination and religious extremism are rampant.Norway’s leading terrorism researcher Thomas Hegghammer, who previously warned of the threat that jihadists represent, has sparked a debate by suggesting that reclaiming Norwegian Daesh* women with children…

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US-Blacklisted Chinese Firm Hikvision Vows to Keep Providing Services on ‘Continuous, Stable Basis’

Asia & Pacific10:42 09.10.2019(updated 10:48 09.10.2019) Get short URLEarlier, the US Commerce Department blacklisted 28 Chinese security agencies and companies, restricting the licenses needed for trade with the United States.Chinese video surveillance giant Hikvision said that it will continue to provide products and services on a continuous and stable basis, adding that it hopes to…

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WADA Confirms Receiving Moscow Lab Data Regarding RUSADA Code Compliance

World02:33 09.10.2019(updated 02:39 09.10.2019) Get short URL 0 0 0 Russia on Tuesday answered the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regarding alleged data manipulation at the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, according to Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov.Later in the day, WADA said it had received the required response from the Russian authorities. “WADA can confirm it has…

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Daesh Suicide Bombers Attack Kurdish Military Positions in Raqqa, ‘Clashes Still Ongoing’ – SDF

Middle East02:22 09.10.2019(updated 02:50 09.10.2019) Get short URLAccording to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), at least three Daesh suicide bombers on Wednesday attacked its military positions in Syria’s Raqqa.The SDF stressed in a statement that the Daesh* terrorists took “advantage of an imminent Turkish invasion”, adding that “clashes still ongoing”. The SDF has not…

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Ecuadorian President Moreno Declares Curfew in Governmental Districts

Latin America01:55 09.10.2019(updated 02:34 09.10.2019) Get short URLThe order prevents public access to areas near government buildings and strategic installations between 8 pm and 5 am while a national state of emergency remains, the decree said.Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno declared the curfew after almost a week of violent anti-austerity protests in the Latin American country.…

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‘Everybody’s Rights Are on The Chopping Block’: US Supreme Court to Rule on Abortion, LGBTQ Rights

The US Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday concerning anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people, and in coming months will hear a key abortion rights case. Advocates’ feelings are mixed about the expected outcomes, but they agree that regardless of the court’s ruling, a mass movement to protect women’s & LGBTQ rights must continue to grow.The nation’s…

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Russia to Ask Guterres to Resolve US Visa Issue for UN Diplomats – Source

UNITED NATIONS (Sputnik) – Russian diplomats will ask United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to resolve the problem caused by the United States refusing to issue visas to delegates participating in the UN General Assembly Sixth Committee, according to a diplomatic source.“We intend to ask the UN Secretary-General to intervene in the situation and try to…

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