‘I’m So Ready’: Kamala Harris Shows Moment Biden Asked Her to Be His Vice President



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Less than three months before the 3 November US presidential election, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden announced his VP pick after months of reportedly narrowing down a list of fitting candidates, ending his search with a former rival in this year’s primaries.

California Senator Kamala Harris revealed the moment she was offered the VP spot on the Democratic presidential ticket by Joe Biden on 11 August in a video posted to her Twitter account. Due to limitations of the ongoing pandemic, the two did not meet in person, instead holding a video call, at the start of which, Biden asked Harris straightforward “you ready to go to work?” and, after a brief pause, the Senator responded in excitement.

“Oh my God. I am so ready to go to work […] I am ready to work. I am ready to do this with you, for you. I’m just deeply honoured and very excited”, Harris stated.

The video shifts in to a more campaigning mood, with Harris outlining her goals in the event that Biden’s ticket wins in the November election, as fighting a “battle for the soul of this nation”. She lashed out at the policies of President Donald Trump in terms of how the latter’s administration has handled pandemic, the ongoing anti-racism protests in the country, and the reported lack of support for small business.

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Biden’s choice of running mate did not surprise or disappoint Republican opponent Trump, who said that Harris is the “kind of opponent everyone dreams of” citing her loss in the presidential primaries, as well as recalling her clashes with Biden over racism. POTUS also shrugged off concerns of his chance of winning in November, stating that not only does he enjoy the support of the GOP, but also purportedly leads in “most” swing states.


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