Israeli jets and helicopters hit around (***************************************) Hamas-linked targets in Gaza on Thursday overnight, the Israeli Army has said. The air raids were conducted in response to rockets launched from Gaza at Tel Aviv.

(**)(***)(*)A Hamas HQ in Gaza’s downtown Rimal district, a rocket-manufacturing site and militant training ground, were among the targets hit, according to the military.(**)(***)(****)(*****)(******)We hit (***************************************) Hamas military targets in Gaza in response to the rockets they fired at Israeli civilians. Among them: (*******)(********)• Underground rocket manufacturing site(*******)(********)• HQ responsible for orchestrating Hamas terrorism in Judea & Samaria(*******)(********)• Hamas center of unmanned aerial aircraft(*********)#StopHamas(**********)(***********)**********)(**)— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) (************)March (**********************************************), (******************************)(**********)(*************)(**************)(***************)(*)The airstrikes were made in retaliation to rockets launched from Gaza into Israeli territory, towards Tel Aviv. Both rockets were intercepted and destroyed by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.(**)(*)(****************)“Hamas terror group bears the responsibility for everything going on in and out of Gaza,”(*****************) the IDF (******************)said(**********).(**)(*******************)
(********************)Also on*********************)
(********************)Israel strikes Gaza in reprisal for 2 rocket launches (VIDEO)(*********************)
(**********)(*)After the IDF raid into Gaza, Hamas fired two more rockets into Israel on Friday, both of which were also destroyed mid-air, the military reported. Aerial attack warning sirens were heard in the city of Sderot and the Sha’ar HaNegev municipality near the Gaza border.(**)(*)(***********************)(************************)(**)(*)(*************************)(****************)Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!(*****************)(**************************)(**)(***************)


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