Image: It is the right and duty of all Americans to REFUSE to comply with unconstitutional gun laws

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Even the far-left Colorado enclave of Boulder, home to the University of Colorado, recently enacted a”law” that targets gun owners from criminalizing them not jumping through a whole lot of arbitrary bureaucratic hoops aimed at deconstructing the Second Amendment. But setting a good example for all of us ‘ are patriots and gun-owners like local Boulder resident Jon Caldara, who’s gone people to state that he will never comply with his town’s unconstitutional requirements, regardless of the expense to his own life and livelihood.

President of the Independence Institute at Denver and also a weekly column-writer at The Denver Post, Caldara, that also hosts a talk radio program and also current events show on Colorado Public Television, is now sounding the alarm about this Leftist affront to the Second Amendment rights of Boulder citizens enjoy himself. He’s also raising funds to shield himself against the inevitable persecution he is bound to endure in the hands of this gun-hating Leftists who operate the city of Boulder.

“I understand why people are nervous and fearful of so-called’attack weapons’ Why? Because I used to be that individual,” Caldara states in that a brief movie describing where he is coming from, and he’s standing his ground against the tyrants who want to deprive him, and many others like him, of their right to bear arms.

“I used to give money to anti-gun associations. ‘There.’ Common sense regulations created, well, common sense. However, it required years for me to get past the emotionalism to comprehend the facts behind guns. Now my Second Amendment rights are core to that I am, it’s at the fiber of who I am.”

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Be sure to look at Caldara’s Freedomfy Structure page for longer.

Leftists are all hypocritically intolerant of things they’re fearful of and do not understand, such as guns

As a former Leftist himself, Caldara understands the mindset that additional Leftists have against guns — that he says is totally hypocritical.

“I believe the person is autonomous, and consequently he’s got a right to self-defense,” Caldara maintains. “You understand, I do this issue of tolerance. And it’s simple to be aware of items you understand or service\. But endurance means tolerating things you do not know, or you discover harmful .”

As for the new law, Caldara says it specifically targets existing gun-owners that live at Boulder, requiring them to bring themselves to the police for analysis. Gun-owners at Boulder are also required to make their guns for inspection, cover for one more background check, and pay yet again for”permission slips” to maintain the firearms they own.

“It’s not about gun control; it is all about separating people from the neighborhood,” Caldara states, comparing this hottest Leftist affront from the Second Amendment into the AIDS epidemic of old, which attempted to enforce similar discriminatory policies against individuals who were diagnosed with the fatal illness.

“It’s about saying,’you are distinct.’ It is about making it harder to be who you’re to constantly look over your shoulder at the rifle range, to be undesirable at a town that talks about tolerance and diversity continuously.”

At Caldara’s view, exactly what Boulder Leftists are doing in the name of”protecting children” is exactly the thing they always preach contrary — largely intolerance, mistreatment of those that are different, and anxiety about the”other.”

“Progressives wield expression such as the weapon it is,” Coldara contends. “However, are they kidding themselves or us if they smugly assert their tolerance? Do they believe their’Celebrate Diversity’ bumper decals, blind to this hypocrisy?”

make sure you check out Caldara’s Freedomfy page that, as of this writing, has already received 158 percentage of its projected underwriting goal — with 83 days made for individuals to donate.

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