Hong Kong (CNN Business)Among China’s richest men has been criticized for endorsing the contentious civilization of 12-hour workdays at the country’s red-hot tech industry, saying workers who worked longer hours will get that the”benefits of hard work.”

Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA), has spoken out on societal media in recent days in support of their Chinese work practice known as”996.” The amount describes operating from 9 am to 9 pm six days a week and is said to be common among the country’s big technology start-ups and businesses.

“If we discover things we like, 996 is no problem,” Ma explained in a blog post Sunday about Chinese social media site Weibo. “In case you don’t like [your work], each minute is torture,” he added.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma is a member of the Communist Party

Ma’s remarks prompted criticism by Chinese interpersonal networking users.

    “Would you think about the elderly in the home who want attention, (or) the children who require business?” Wrote a Weibo user using the online moniker stupidcan123, in response to Ma’s post. “If all enterprises enforce a 996 schedule, nobody will have kids” becaues with a lack of timethey added.

    Chinese state media also slammed those businesses that make staff put in long hours in the office, without referencing Ma’s post straight. “Advocating challenging work and dedication does not mean driving overtime,” wrote state-run newspaper People’s Daily in a commentary printed Sunday. “The mandatory enforcement of 996 overtime culture not only reflects the intricacies of company managers, but also is unjust and impractical.”

    ‘Not simply overtime function’

    Ma reported that he did not intend to defend the custom of working hours, but wished to”pay tribute” to workers who did.

    “The real 996 is not simply overtime work,” he explained , adding that everyone has the right to pick their own lifestyle but those who perform shorter hours”won’t taste the joy and benefits of hard work.”

    Ma is possibly China’s best-known entrepreneur. The technology tycoon was famously born into a family that is poor and did not succeed \. He started Alibaba using money scraped from your friends\.

    The 54-year old executive first waded into the debate on China’s long hours on Thursday, after comments that he made to Alibaba employees about 996 were submitted on the company’s Weibo account. Ma said he had never regretted working 12-hour days.

    “I think that 996 is a huge blessing,” he said. “how can you attain the success you desire without paying extra work and time?”

    Ma included that any prospective employees of Alibaba, among the world’s biggest tech businesses, ought to be well ready to operate 12 hours a day if they would like to succeed. “Or why bother linking? We do not lack those who operate eight hours comfortably,” he said.

    Other high-profile figures in China’s tech sector have allegedly defended long working hours in the tech market. Richard Liu, creator of Alibaba rival JD.com, allegedly criticized workers at the company who didn’t work hard enough as”slackers.”

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    A spokesperson for both Alibaba didn’t immediately respond to your request for comment on Ma’s social media posts or the organization’s policy on overtime.

      Long workdays in the high tech sector are not unique to China. Tesla (TSLA) co-founder Elon Musk has formerly said he worked up to 120 hours a week once the electric car manufacturer struggled with manufacturing delays.

      “There are far easier areas to operate, but no one ever changed the world on 40 hours a week,” he submitted on societal networking website Twitter in November last year.


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