Left-wing “terror tantrum” spoiled youth could have been stopped with a SPANKING when they were younger; now we’ll have to use FORCE

Image: Left-wing “terror tantrum” spoiled youth could have been stopped with a SPANKING when they were younger; now we’ll have to use FORCE

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Who are Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, really?

When they were children, their parents refused to tell them “No.” Liberal mommy said spanking was wrong, and she coddled her children, obeying their every cry, telling them they were precious snowflakes.

When they were young adults, public school teachers refused to tell them “No.” The teachers caved to the increasingly loud demands of the petulant students and gave them what they wanted, failing to enforce any sense of discipline or consequences.

When they were college students, professors and school administrators caved to their insane demands, agreeing to exempt Black students from homework or testing standards, and agreeing to fire staff members who didn’t bow down to the demands of the “social justice” class.

Now they’re young adults, rioting in the streets, expanding their demands to the point of terrorism and coordinated assaults with explosives and lasers. Their demands have grown exponentially, yet no governor or mayor will stand their ground and tell them, “No!” And liberal society thinks the right answer to all this involves disbanding police so that no one can ever hold the “terror tantrum” class accountable for anything.

This is insanity.

We could have stopped them at age six with a spanking.

We could have stopped them at age 15 with a school expulsion.

We could have stopped them at age 20 with principled professors who stood their ground.

We could have stopped them two weeks ago with the simple application of local police. But that was somehow deemed “racist.”

Now we’re going to have to stop them with force. Otherwise, we will be ruled by a crybully class of screaming sociopaths who destroy everything in their path.

Spare the rod, spoil the child

Now we have an entire generation of spoiled, hyper-privileged, over-coddled, petulant brats who think the whole world answers to their demands. And why should they think any differently when their parents, teachers, professors and government representatives have always surrendered to their belligerent crybully tactics?

This is what happens when all the adults in society agree to lie to an entire generation of children and tell them, “You’re all winners” when they’re actually mostly losers.

They’ve been told, “You’re special” when they haven’t held a single unique thought in their entire lives.

They’ve been promised, “Your future is bright” when, in reality, they have no future at all.

They aren’t special. They aren’t unique. They aren’t winners. Most of them aren’t even employable.

They have no marketable skills, no real education, no morality and no socially-adjusted sense of the world, where the rights and property of others might be respected. They can only survive in a world where merit is abolished and wealth is taken from others by force. They only have power when the rule of law is eviscerated, which is why disbanding police is precisely the wrong answer to all this.

In truth, their value to this world is zilch. There is nothing they have ever contributed to this society and nothing they are even capable of contributing other than chaos and destruction. They are nothing but sociopathic lunatics who have utterly failed to learn how to coexist with others in a civil society. And sadly, they are beyond the age of being trained in the gentle art of civility.

And now, because we failed to hold them to account through their developmental years, we’re eventually going to have to stop them with force. Failure to do so means turning over all of society to a generation of narcissistic, self-deluded lunatics who think they are owed everything in the world and that they should never have to expend time or effort to achieve anything of merit. All they’ve ever been taught is that throwing a terror tantrum and making demands gets them what they want.

Arrest them, jail them, prosecute them, but don’t let them continue to terrorize society

That’s who Antifa and Black Lives Matter truly are. And if we refuse to tell them, “No!” then we put ourselves at the mercy of dangerous, grown-up crybullies who have the emotional development of a five-year-old. Maybe it’s time we demanded this generation finally grow up and participate in society as adults, not children.

Arrest them all, throw them in jail for 30 days without mommy, and prosecute those who participated in violent attacks against law enforcement or public property. Have law enforcement shoot the ones who throw explosives and watch the mob reconsider its childlike behavior almost instantly.

It’s time to end the reign of terror of the crybullies. It’s time to meet them with force and finally tell them they don’t get to rule society by making increasingly insane demands that deprive others of their own rights.

Do not give another inch to these lunatics. Stop them where they stand. Make them rewire their neurology with new inputs in the form of return fire from law enforcement. (Gosh, it turns out learning can be quite rapid after all…)

And while we’re at it, we might want to have a talk with the parents of these lunatics and ask them, “Why didn’t you discipline your children when you had the chance?” Bad parenting leads to undisciplined children who end up leading catastrophically failed lives. Giving your child every single thing they demand isn’t “love,” it’s abandonment.

You’re not raising well-adjusted citizens, you’re raising psychopathic monsters who are all-in with violence, murder and full-blown terrorism against their perceived political opponents.

Nice job. Now they’re burning down your cities. How do you plan to discipline them now?

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