Mad Cow Unease: German Police Use Helicopter to Chase Bovine on Rampage in Bavaria



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Sometimes, even the most docile animals can become dangerous if they are agitated or frightened. Especially if they weigh 600 kilogrammes (over 1,300 pounds) – in that case, a harmless domestic animal can turn into the terror of the town.

A runaway cow went on a rampage in Bavaria on Saturday, forcing police to deploy several cars and a helicopter to stop the animal from wreaking havoc.

According to the local portal, the animal escaped from a farm near the city of Sand am Main with another cow, and ran to the city centre. The bovine devastated a greenhouse, destroyed a scooter and damaged a police car.

When the owner tried to help the officers and calm the poor cow down, the angry beast attacked the farmer and knocked him down.

In the end, police and emergency services managed to block the cow, and a veterinarian used a blowpipe to shoot the animal with a tranquillizer dart.


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