Models crushing Little fish at CRUEL fetish video raise ire in St. Petersburg (VIDEO)


St. Petersburg activists have been on a manhunt to get a bunch of cold-eyed versions from a sadistic”smash fetish” movie, where they squashed small fish and crayfish using their bare feet, gym shoes or heels.

A video that immediately spread online shows a female model placing a set of little silver fishes on the ground and crushing them with her white gym shoes, while smiling and posing to the camera.

Another model opts for crayfish that she destroys with her heels. “Is that the last one? Well, I’ve hammered it,” she’s heard saying.

Neighborhood activists at St. Petersburg assert they recognized the models featured at the cruel fetish movie, and they’re seemingly “studying or living” at St. Petersburg. Leaflets bearing their faces were distributed among sailors, asserting there’s an underground studio creating crush films that “are sold online to perverts.”

The leaflets include a speech but the location has not yet been verified.

WARNING! The footage comprises content which you might discover disturbing.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper has seen a home mentioned at the vigilante booklet and learned the residents heard nothing about the fetish studio. One woman told that the Russian tabloid that there are “only adequate individuals” alive there, including “academics and academics.”  

A neighborhood municipal official stated the story was fake. “There were no instances of anyone mistreating animals. I understand residents that have pets but they love them.”

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The story came to light a few days following Russian parliament passed a law that protects animals from criminal slaughtering in addition to cruel or degrading treatment. The legislation was long overdue since it was pitched to the State Duma back in 2010, environmentalists say.

Last year an amendment to Russia’s Criminal Code toughened penalties for inhumane treatment of pets, establishing a three-year jail term for killing or injuring a creature.

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