Palestinians in the Netherlands would have the ability to record the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem because of their place of arrival, in part due to the policy that Israel has no sovereignty over these regions.

Dutch State Secretary Raymond Knops advised the House of Representatives at The Hague of this change on Friday,” describing the conclusion was founded on “the Dutch viewpoint that Israel does not have any sovereignty over these areas,” and also the fact that the Netherlands doesn’t understand Palestinian sovereignty.

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Natives of those areas that are living in the Netherlands now have two choices when specifying their birthplace at the civil registry –‘Israel’ or’Unknown’. The’Unknown’ option was just added in 2014, following protests seeking fairer options.

These options apply to Palestinians born after May 15, 1948, when the state of Israel has been established.

While natives currently resident in the Netherlands are still excluded from just listing Palestine because their location of birth, they will then be able to use the title of  the territory they were born in.

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The Netherlands doesn’t recognize Palestinian sovereignty therefore the move is regarded as a positive step individuals identifying as being out. Though the UN and 136 countries do recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, many EU countries are thought to be waiting for this to be set as part of a peace agreement in the area.

Knops stated the categories added are based on United Nations Security Council resolutions and the Oslo Accords.

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