Notre Dame fire began in center of cathedral’s roof, says police origin


Paris (CNN)Investigators have pinpointed the beginning of the fire that tore through Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, a police source told CNN.

After authorities examined a record of amateur video and photographs in nearby homes, investigators believe the fire began at the middle of the cathedral’s roof towards the base of their iconic coil, the police source said.

The authorities source also told CNN that investigators are focusing on two potential problems about the outbreak of the flame. 1 issue under investigation is a problem with the fire alarm system detectors.

Researchers’ next field of inquiry, ” the source explained, relates to the elevators which were constructed for the building workers. The source provided no details about this.

    The bees living on Notre Dame's roof survived the fire

    Two security guards in the Circle told authorities they observed that the flames for the first time just when the flames were almost 3 meters high ‪at 6: 43 p.m. local time (12: 43 p.m. ET), signaling the fire alarm sensors may not have been working properly, the police source told CNN.

    The very first alarm rang ‪at 6: 15 p.m. local time. An alarm screens showing which sensor was sending the alarm clock.

    According to the police supply, both security agents went to check the location but did not see anything at that moment. When the next alarm rang ‪at 6: 43 p.m. local time, both security agents followed the alert system instructions and went to another location at the top of the cathedral, where they then saw the flames.

    Prosecutors are investigating whether a short-circuit led to the flame

    Paris prosecutors are exploring whether a electric short-circuit caused the fire that tore through the cathedral.

    A judicial source told CNN on Thursday that”we are not excluding any hypothesis at this point,” stating that this isn’t their only line of question.

    The cathedral has been undergoing renovations in the right time of the fire. Some evaluation has dropped on the companies undertaking operate over the 150-year-old spire, which collapsed Monday since the flames raged around it.

    How centuries of priceless treasures were saved at Notre Dame

    Of the four companies contracted to take outside renovations in Notre Dame, two companies — scaffolding firm Europe Echafaudage and art conservationists Socra — had work in progress at the right time of the flame. Neither company had workers on site once the fire broke out.

    The fire devastated large sections of this 850-year old construction before it was finally extinguished following a nine-hour struggle.

      Length of priceless artifacts were spared by the flames, and were taken to the Louvre museum for safekeeping. The bees who reside at the roof of Notre Dame also survived the catastrophic fire, beekeeper Nicolas Geant told CNN.

      The Paris fire service said the surgery was one of the most complicated it had previously undertaken, and at one point, it was feared that the whole structure may be lost.

      CNN’s Saskya Vandoorne, Kara Fox and Gianluca Mezzofiore led to the report.


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