Parents sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after children testify about decades of torture


Riverside, California (CNN)David and Louise Turpin have each been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after they pleaded guilty about holding captive and torturing their kids to years into their California home.

“My parents took my whole life from me,” said one of their allies, identified as Jane Doe Number 4. She was one of two of the children\currently in school, that appeared in court Friday to offer testimony about how they endured in the hands of their parents \and in their hope for the future.

“But today,” she explained,”I’m taking my life back.”

The number was arrested early last year after one of their 13 children — that ranged in age from two to 29 — managed to escape their filthy house in Perris and called police.

    Police said the siblings had been isolated from the external world and have been often denied showers, healthcare and food. They were sometimes tied for”months or even months at one time,” that the Riverside district attorney said last calendar year.

    Today, the daughter said, she’s living independently and”life is excellent.”

    “I’m a fighter, I am strong and I am shooting like a rocket,” she explained, as her mother cried and wiped tears from her eyes.

    Louise, far left, and David Turpin, second from right, were sentenced in court Friday.

    One of their sons, identified as John Doe Number 2, advised the courtroom,”I cannot explain in words what we went through growing up. Occasionally I have nightmares of things that occurred, like my sisters being chained up or getting beaten.”

    “However,” he added,”that is the past and this is now.” He’s going to school and working toward a diploma in software technology today, he explained. He learned how to swim and ride a bike this past year, and takes long rides. He has heard to advocate.

    He also added a kind term to get his parents and extended forgiveness.

    “I love my parents,” he stated,”and also have forgiven them for a lot of what they did to us.”

    ‘I’m sorry for everything,’ mother states

    David and Louise Turpin both chose the opportunity to address the court, apologizing to their own children and expressing their particular hopes their kids succeed in all their jobs.

    “I’m sorry for what I have done to hurt my kids,” Louise Turpin said, adding she believes God has a special plan for each of these. “I enjoy them more than they could ever imagine.”

    'I've never been out': Chilling 911 call reveals abuse in Turpin family

    Meanwhile, Jane Doe Number 4 sobbed softly, wiping her tears. ) At one point, she reached out to pet dander, a police dog made to give emotional support to court witnesses and victims. John Doe Number 2 seemed slightly downhill.

    David Turpin broke down in tears because he tried to address the court. His lawyer read the start of his announcement, where the father expressed hope for his children’s success and he hopes they stay close because their mother and dad will not be together with them.

    “I thank God for each of my kids,” David Turpin’s statement , adding that he’s sorry”if I have done anything to lead them to injury.”

    Kids will succeed’in spite of you,’ judge says

    Before sentencing the few, Judge Bernard Schwartz addressed the defendants, emphasizing,”Children are really a present,” not simply to their families and parents, but also to society.

    “Maybe they’ll turn into a scientist and discover a cure for a disorder, or visit a physician or responder, and save somebody’s life. Perhaps they’ll enter the military and protect our nation,” Schwartz explained.

    “The greedy, cruel and inhuman treatment of your own children has deprived themyour family, your friends and society — and particularly both of you — of these gifts.”

    “Their lives have been permanently altered, and their ability to learn, grow and flourish.”

    “to the extent that they do flourish… it’ll be not due to you , but in spite of you both,” Schwartz said.

    The court also placed new protective orders for every one of the children, tailoring their length to each kid.

    According to Jeff Moore, lawyer for Louise Turpin, 10 of those children have 10-year restraining orders in place. Two have 5-year restraining orders and you had the restraining order fell\.

    Schwartz stated the orders avoid David and Louise Turpin from having contact with all the children — whether in person, via email, phone, social websites or via third parties.

    Tied up and up to beds

    When the Turpin kids were found in their Perris home in January 2018they ranged from ages 2 to 29. However, a few of the adults were \malnourished, they looked like teenagers.

    Turpin parents plead guilty to torture and other charges

    Not one of them had seen a physician in over four years, and none of them had ever visited a dentist.

    The kids were frequently tied for”weeks or even months at a time,” Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin stated last year.

    The victims told investigators that being connected together with ropes was originally a form of punishment. But when one victim escaped, the parents first began using padlocks and chains to shackle a few of the kids to beds\.

    And after decades of isolation, Hestrin explained, the kids seemed to”lack a basic knowledge of life.”

    A bold escape

    If not for the bravery of an 17-year-old girl, her imprisoned siblings might have never been discovered.

      The teenager had planned her escape for at least a couple of years. She grabbed a phone that was deactivated found in the house and fled through a window until authorities were phoned by her.

      The daring getaway resulted in the discovery of her sisters and discovered among the”worst, many aggravated child abuse cases I’ve ever seen,” Hestrin explained.

      CNN’s Paul Vercammen reported from Riverside, California, whereas Dakin Andone and Holly Yan published and reported this story from Atlanta. CNN’s Jack Hannah Mossburg and Stella Chan contributed to the report.


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