Explaining why he started drinking in the first place, PewDiePie also mentioned a certain book which apparently helped him change his attitude towards cravings.`

YouTube star Fellix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, has made a surprising revelation about his past problems with alcohol during his appearance on the “Cold Ones” podcast.

As the vlogger revealed, he actually had “a habit of drinking whiskey, just a little bit”, until he realised how hard it was to stop that habit and “stopped drinking for half a year”.

Pewds performed this move after reading a “book on Buddhism” which dealt with issues like being in control of one’s own body instead of just being an “empty vessel” and succumbing to one’s cravings.  

The YouTube celebrity also explained that he started drinking in the first place because he was “always working” and never felt that he had time to simply “chill and relax”.

This wasn’t apparently the first time Pewds mentioned this issue, as the podcast’s hosts actually brought it up when recalling that a song featuring PewDiePie mockingly congratulating T-Series for surpassing him in YouTube subscription numbers, which was released on 31 March, contains the following lyrics: “Just there to pop bottles with my nine-year-old army, non-alcoholic cause I had a real problem”.


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