Political Commentator on Brexit: ‘We Really Have Got Them on the Backfoot Now’


In a breakthrough for Britain, the EU has announced that Brussels could agree with the UK’s demands on fishing. In the past, Brussels has demanded that EU boats should have the same access to UK waters. However, the bloc’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, admitted that the EU’s position on the matter was “clearly not” balanced.

Political Commentator and Former Mayoral Candidate, Winston McKenzie, has shared his excitement over the EU’s announcement. 

Sputnik: What does this victory for the UK and its fisheries represent?

Winston McKenzie: It represents employment. Our fisheries are in the DNA of our trawlers and our fishermen. I can’t put it into words. This situation with regards to our fisheries, our trawlers and our fishermen, it is so very important to our very existence. It’s great news. It’s about time they woke up and realised where they [the EU] went wrong. We really have got them on the backfoot now, and all thanks to this Farage because had he never toiled, bought it up and put everything into action nothing would be happening now. It’s a fantastic result, it’s great news, but the EU has no alternative now but to turn around and adhere to our demands.

Sputnik: What other industries or areas should the UK push for as talks for a free trade deal continue?

Winston McKenzie: Our farming industries have gone out the window where they’ve been subsidised over the years and our farmers are sat back and had nothing to do but just wait to be subsidised by the EU. So, let’s get our farmers working again. Get youngsters learning farming again because that’s in our mantra. It’s in our bloodline. Through farming, we can make England great again. Our car industry, the motor trade, that’s suffered immensely. So, that’ll be a big boost. Free Trade if we can come to some sort of arrangement with a free trade deal that will be a massive boost to British industry and particularly farming and the car industry.

Sputnik: What challenges remain on the horizon as divisions between the EU and Britain continue to grow?

Winston: Well, the thing is it should be just a steering job for Boris Johnson now. The whole country is down in their minds and thoughts about Mr Johnson and he really has to prove himself. The bulk of the work has been done with regard to the EU and now, as I say, it should be just a steering job. We’ve been in a position of control for some time now and one would have thought that we would have thrown down the gauntlet ages ago and just walked away and I believe that all aspects, all aspects of our very existence, our policies, engineering, housing, schooling, all types of things will come into play now if we get this free trade deal, which looks highly likely. It looks highly likely that Britain will get a free trade deal and will once again be in a position to make its own policies and dictate what it’s future is going to be.

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