Russian legislators have adopted a new bill banning servicemen from using digital devises capable of shooting photographs, movies, and geolocation information — basically\, all portable gadgets.


Russian military introduces obligatory courses to protect state secrets

The bill, approved by the State Duma in the final reading on Tuesday, forbids active-duty servicemen and reservists during instruction from sharing online or using the press any information which could disclose their location, which units they serve with, information about fellow soldiers, and so on. Aside from that, servicemen are banned from \having on themselves devices which can store videos or transmit photos, and geolocation data.

The sponsors of the bill clarified the need for it using an obvious observation — which army members present a special attention for foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations. Therefore, sharing data while on duty might be dangerous for the whole state and the soldier equally.

Russia was trying to improve the secrecy of its army, embracing a set of steps to restrict the flow of potentially sensitive information in soldiers. The military introduced special courses for officials and soldiers about how to act online in order\. The training comprises what if — and shouldn’t be informed how to use media other advice and safely.

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