A deranged person, that dug up the bodies of 26 young women and turned into’human dolls,” could walk free by a psychiatric unit despite the fury of his victims’ relatives as well as the worries of doctors.

Anatoly Moskvin, a 52-year-old historian from the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, was arrested and sentenced to mandatory psychiatric treatment after two dozen mummified bodies were detected at his apartment in 2011.

Last year, psychiatrists claimed that they had cured the guy and suggested he keep receiving therapy as an outpatient. However, they demanded his treatment be prolonged indefinitely and turned their decision.

Howeverthe body-snatcher could walk free on a technicality because the purchase keeping him at the hospital expired in December. With a courtroom poised to rule on the problem, relatives of the kids whose bodies he took have expressed outrage at the potential of his discharge.

“He’s incurable,” among those victims’ parents told the press. “He could only quit taking pills, and at some point he will return to his dreadful actions as he’d promised he would do.”

(*)Moskvin, a historian and a well-known cemetery expert, developed a fascination with all the deceased in childhood, before beginning to rob graves and steal the bodies of women aged between three and 12.

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(*)After drying the entire body, he’d wrap their limbs strips of fabric or might stuff them with cushioning, sometimes adding wax masks adorned with nail polish over their faces. He would then dress them in brightly colored children’s wigs and clothes\. Some had audio boxes inside their rib cages.

(*)He hosted tea celebrations for the”dolls,” sang children’s music, and turned on animations when he worked at a computer.

(*)Neither coworkers nor his older parents, who dwelt at the same apartment, noticed anything unusual about his behavior. Moskvin’s mum told police after he was arrested: “We watched these dolls although we did not suspect that there were dead bodies inside. We thought it had been his hobby.”

During the trial, Moskvin gave detectives conflicting explanations for his activities. He said he was lonely and wanted to speak with the women, but later claimed he’d tried to find strategies to resurrect them. He also stated he wished to turn into a mummification pro.

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