Russian S-400s Will be Delivered to Turkey Next Month – Erdogan


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Earlier in June, acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan formally informed Turkey that it would not be allowed to receive the US F-35 fighter jets it had already purchased if it went ahead with the S-400 air defence systems deal.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday that the Russian S-400 air defence systems will be delivered to Turkey in July. 

The Turkish leader emphasised that Ankara has already purchased the weapons from Moscow. 

Russian S-400 Triumph missile system

Russian Defence Ministry

Erdogan’s statement follows an earlier remark made by acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan that Ankara was notified about a potential ban on obtaining the F-35 fighter jets it had already purchased if it proceeded with the S-400 deal.

Russia and Turkey penned a $2.5-billion contract for the delivery of four battalion sets-worth of S-400s to Ankara in late 2017. Washington issued a counteroffer, offering Turkey a $3.5-billion contract for a contingent of Patriot PAC-3s. Turkish officials have indicated that negotiations on the Patriot proposal are continuing, but have stressed that Ankara would not cancel the S-400 deal for the US-made systems.

It was reported earlier that the first S-400s would reach Turkish soil in July; the air defence system acquisition will make Turkey the fourth country after Russia, Belarus and China to own the weapon. 


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