Safe Sex: New Rules Poised to Help End the Swiss Brothels’ Covid-19 Lockdown



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Sputnik International

Along with suggesting sex positions which allow for a maximum distance between faces during intercourse, the new rules also include a 15-minute time limit on a client’s visit to a prostitute.

As social distancing measures and lockdowns implemented around the world have taken their toll on the adult entertainment industry (or at least on those of its segments which require interpersonal contacts), ProKoRe, an organization that represents sex workers in Switzerland is now seeking to facilitate the lifting of restrictions imposed on prostitution in the country amid the COVID-19 crisis, The Local reports.

According to the media outlet, said plan details a set of rules to be followed at brothels, including a list of suggested sex positions that are expected to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission during intercourse – namely, “doggy style” and “cowgirl/rider”, as they help keep the distance between faces “as large as possible”.

Other provisions include ventilating rooms and washing bedsheets after each client visit, with the duration of said visits being limited to 15 minutes, with kissing being discouraged.

All brothels will also be reportedly expected to have gloves, condoms and disinfectants available, while clients’ contact data will be kept “on hand” for four weeks since their visit in order to “allow follow up tracing” if an infection takes place.

ProKoRe also warned that the restrictions imposed on sex workers should be lifted soon as they allegedly help encourage illegal sex work in the country.


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