A Russian company has revealed that a gold-plated phone dubbed’Tsar Vladimir,’ full with the Orthodox Christian cross symbolizing”transformation out of violence .” The device has received a welcome internet.

Those hoping to get a new Vladimir Putin reference will be let down, as the brand new’Tsar phone Golden Vladimir’ actually refers to a 10th-century ruler credited with bringing Christianity to Russian land. The telephone not only comes with a massive cross but is meant to resemble the Russian Orthodox Church’s finery — as well as the sword Vladimir the Great.

At a somewhat equitable crash course in history, the manufacturer Caviar clarifies that the concept was inspired by “Vladimir’s unique spiritual transformation out of paganism and violence to Orthodox Christianity and mercy.” The three-nines-fine, gold-plated apparatus sells for 279,000 rubles ($4,240).

Meanwhile, the ‘Tsar phone’ itself is actually in reality a button call using a fairly frugal set of attributes, including a 2MP camera, Bluetooth and 3G-internet.

it seems that the Orthodox-friendly apparatus has failed to impress the Russian net, with lots of ridiculing its pretentious design and inflated price online. “Seems just like a coffin of some rap idol,” one of the top comments in a discussion thread on social media Picabu said.


Patriarch’s disappearing watch act: Now you see it, now you don’t

“What about seven deadly sins, greed particularly,” one person requested, while another wondered if “Jesus is eventually going to push all of the traders from the temples.”

A single comment noted “demand creates supply,” while a cheeky user implied that it’s an emerging “iPhone competition in Russia.”

It is unknown whether the Russian Orthodox Church intends to purchase the’Golden Vladimir’ telephone because of its clergy. Back in 2012, Patriarch Kirill’s luxury watch provoked a social networking storm after he was seen wearing an expensive timepiece in one photo. Still, the opinion vanished from the official picture of the site of the Patriarchate in an Photoshop attempt, causing public outrage.

Caviar grabbed a couple of headlines in Russia back in May 2018, after discharging a fabulously costly phone to commemorate President Putin’s inauguration. A device made from gold and featuring 95 diamonds was accessible for 1.9 million rubles (around $29,000). The layout appears fairly familiar.

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