A new documentary tonight (April 15) from Science Channel follows SpaceIL’s Beresheet assignment, the lunar continent lander that collapsed and slipped into the lunar surface last week.

“Return to the Moon: Seconds to Arrival” will broadcast for an hour starting at 10 p.m. EDT/PDT, and it’ll monitor the development and travel of their spacecraft. Beresheet was developed initially in 2011 for the Google Lunar X Prize contest, which provided more than just $ 20 million to privately-funded teams that were able to land in the moon and also complete different landmarks. Even though the X Prize competition closed without declaring a winner in (**********************************), SpaceIL and the aerospace and defense company Israeli Aerospace Industries continued to operate on the spacecraft.

Beresheet could have become the tiniest spacecraft to land on the moon  — and the first not delivered by by the Soviet Union, the USA or China.

Despite the collapse, the Beresheet assignment will still acquire a special $1 million award from the X Prize company. And billionaire businessman Morris Kahn, who’s president of SpaceIL, has already declared the team is going to build a second lander and try again.

A clip from the documentary, previously, details the way the spacecraft tracked the celebrities to make its way to the moon along with the risky move to get into lunar orbit. Discovery Studios for Science and Discovery Channel produced the film, according to a statement from Science Channel.

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