There is demonstrating that a camel towing a car stuck onto a street that is Russian A bizarre video making the rounds \media.

(Decision )When your 4×4 off-road car fails you in the fierce Russian winter, and just a tractor can not pull you out, you may still hope for a miracle to occur — at least if you’re in Saratov, in which that viral video was taken.

Uploaded to social websites , the footage shows a camel attempting to pull the car out of snow on a dual-carriage road. As cheering voices have been heard in the background, the animal succeeds in the attempt. At the close of the video there is a tractor observed on the roadside after failing to dig out the car standing \\.

The surreal scene was filmed outside the town of Saratov, 836 km southeast of Moscow. The camel’s owner told local media he provides rides to kids at the local circus to weekends.

A camel is surely not a normal match for the Russian winter locals in Saratov have to be creative as the city has been hit by a string of gigantic snow blizzards since the start of the season. Individuals on social media are reporting banks taller than a person in the city’s middle and along the motorways.

Snow storms prompted heavy traffic jams and disrupted railway connections, with local governments having to request the army for aid to shovel away the snow.

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