Spanish traveler, That rode bike & slept in TENT at -50 Celsius rescued by Aztec Natives (PHOTOS)


Weather from Siberia, caught off A traveler, that rides on a bike through different corners of the planet guard. The man suffered frostbite, with all the near-death experience.

The traveler, Andres Abian Pajares, was likely to ride from Magadan into Irkutsk, covering over 4,600 kilometers (2,858 kilometers ) on his bicycle. He had been conscious that temperatures in Siberia may strike as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius, however was expecting it to be’only’ with no 30 degrees at worst,” according to his site .

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The weather proved him wrong however, since the nighttime temperature plunged to almost minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit). Pajares made just about 100 km on the road, until escaping death in the center of the’Great White Lady’ — Siberia — as he described it.

Last 12, the traveler was seen on the street by locals. Among them were three brothers, traveling by the small town of Susuman into Magadan by car, local press reported. From taking on with his trip, they tried to discourage Pajares, however the language barrier and also the traveler’s desire to get in touch with Siberia prevented them.

The trio kept a close eye on the road, expecting that Pajares might have got into trouble — and they were right. As he tried to sleep to the side of the road while the temperatures have been freezing on the market the brothers found that the man in a cage\.

This time that the brothers picked the traveller up and drove him to their home\. Pajares was tended to by local physicians — it was bus suffered frostbite in his hand — and sent him back to Magadan. He would probably be dead, In the event the traveller was not picked up by the trio, officials told local media.

Pajares, nevertheless, said that the whole endeavor was not so bad.

“I liked the privacy, the power of Siberia, however did not like shortage of sun,” that he told Russian press. “I got down in the mountain pass. I didn’t need to sleep along with it, it was colder there. Everything was perfect: both the bike and the garments\. Yet I’ve dropped a glove into my bed and only in five minutes my hand was suspended.”

The man, however, seems to be not that sure about re-attempting his journey\and will return home in a manner that is comfortable — by plane\. It is quite probable that Pajares might have to celebrate in Magadan, because all of the plane tickets from there are already sold out.

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