Starship Troopers: US Space Force Sets Up Space Warfighting Class to Train ‘Ready And Lethal’ Cadres


The US Space Force has launched a series of classes aimed at training army personnel in “warfighting” to maintain military hegemony, the US Space Force announced this week.

The 319 Combat Training Squadron (CTS) instructor cadre would begin teaching Space Warfighting (SWF) courses at the Peterson’s Moorman Space Education and Training Centre on Wednesday, it said.

Disciplines covered in the training series included Orbital Warfare, Space Battle Management and Space Electronic Warfare, the report read.

Graduates from Undergraduate Space Training would “immediately” move to the new programme’s Follow-on courses, according to the announcement.

“Our modern lives depend on our space capabilities, and potential adversaries are actively attempting to exploit the benefits space provides us. Every day our space warfighters purposefully prepare to negate potential adversaries’ attempts to claim space superiority over us,” Lt Col Daniel Sebeck, 319th Combat Training Squadron commander,” said in a statement.

He added that such training would ‘transform’ the way US military developed future space warfighters into a “highly trained, ready force”.

“The Space Force must develop a cadre of space warfighters to protect U.S. interests in space, deter aggression in, from and to space and conduct space operations. The SWF courses are the first step toward mastering and applying space warfare discipline,” he said.

Developing and integrating space professional would be a “cornerstone of the way we fight wars” and the US military “must be ready and lethal” to provide such fighters “to defeat threats in the crowded, contested space domain,” he added.

But a passive mindset on tactical operations was ‘dangerous’, he said.

“Space warfighters will learn about threats and how space combat disciplines are utilized from the beginning of their career in the Space Force,” he said.

Photo : Senior Airman Melody Howley//US Space Force

The 319th CST instructor cadre would consist of contractors, active duty personnel, civilians and reserve members from the 42nd Combat Training Squadron, the report stated.

Such courses would add an “additional layer of depth” to space training to produce warfighters capable of “readiness and lethality”, he concluded.

The announcements come after the US Space Force issued a $2.4bn contract to defence company Northrop Grumman to build two missile early detection satellites by the end of December 2025.

US president Donald Trump told reporters in May that the US was developing a “Super Duper” missile capable of travelling 17 times faster than conventional missiles.

“[We’re] building right now incredible military equipment… We have, I call it the Super Duper Missile, and I heard the other night 17 times faster than what they have right now, when you take the fastest missile we have right now”, Trump said at the time.


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