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With hailing winds, falling trees, widespread power outages and catastrophic flooding recently causing a slew cancelations, Storm Ciara, which bombarded the United Kingdom on Sunday, has been dubbed the “storm of the century” for the UK.

In the midst of the vigorous storm, a British Airways plane was forced to perform a rocky “touch-and-go” maneuver at Heathrow Airport. Footage shared by livestreaming aviation channel Big Jet TV captures the Boeing 777 jet passing overhead before shaking side-to-side and bouncing once its wheels hit the ground. 

The plane appears to be making a rough landing, but then suddenly takes off again – a maneuver used by pilots in special circumstances, such as when they are unable to follow directions from air traffic controllers. 

Business Insider reported that at least 20 missed landings were recorded at Heathrow Airport during the storm.


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