(*)(**)(**)(***)(****)(*****)less than 1 min ago(******)(*******)Does climate threaten Australia’s national security?(********)(*********)By CNN’s Hilary Whiteman(**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Australia’s climate change policy — or lack of — is shaping up to be a key issue in the upcoming federal election.(**********)(*********)Earlier this week, Home Affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo named climate change among seven “gathering storms” he sees for national security in the coming decade.(**********)(*********)Pezzullo (************)said(*************) that, along with disputes over dangerous territories, poverty, hunger, water and resource scarcity, climate change would contribute to the mass displacement of people.   (**********)(*********)Meanwhile Sydney’s Town Hall was packed with students — some already of voting age — this morning, as one of the largest climate change protests of more than (************************************************************) being held around Australia on Friday got underway. (**********)(**************)(***************)(****************)(****)(*****)(**********************************************************************) min ago(******)(*******)Political cartoonists back the kids(********)(*********)By CNN’s Hilary Whiteman(**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Political cartoonist David Pope, from the Canberra Times, in Australia, tweeted his take on the climate protests with an image of a chalkboard scrawled with lines of punishment, ending with FFS… Strike for Climate Action. (**********)(*********)Australian cartoonist Cathy Wilcox created the below illustration for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, which she posted to Twitter with the comment “Solidarity, kids.”(**********)(**************)(***************)(*****************)(****)(*****)(*************************************************************) min ago(******)(*******)”No more coal, no more oil”(********)(*********)By CNN’s Hilary Whiteman (**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Children at the protests can be heard chanting, “No more coal, no more oil, keep the carbon in the soil,” according to a video posted to Twitter by Berentson-Shaw.(**********)(*********) high school students taking part in protests in New Zealand. Some of the marchers in Wellington were in their first years of school, according to (******************)Jess Berentson-Shaw. (*************)She said her favorite moment was when a six-year-old boy shouted “we want climate justice,” as his mother tied his shoelaces.(******************) (*************)(**********)(**************)(***************)(*******************)(****)(*****)1 hr 1 min ago(******)(*******)Politician hits back against protests(********)(*********)By CNN’s Sarah Lazarus(**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Mark Latham, New South Wales state leader of the right-wing One Nation Party, criticized the protests, saying students were being manipulated by “left-wing activists.”(**********)(*********)”It’s an old fashioned idea but school is compulsory,” Latham told CNN affiliate 7 News.(**********)(*********)But Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore supported the students.(**********)(*********)“It is an injustice that young people who have contributed the least to climate change will feel the brunt of its effects,” she said. (**********)(*********)“They stand to lose the most from government inaction. That’s why I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the thousands of courageous students in Sydney, and around the world, in their fight for justice.”(**********)(**************)(***************)(********************)(****)(*****)1 hr (************************************************************) min ago(******)(*******)New Zealand is in protest mode(********)(*********)By Jenni Marsh, for CNN(**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Protests have already started in Wellington, New Zealand, where students have clearly spent time thinking of fitting slogans for their signs. One showed a picture of a bee with the words, “If I die you’re coming with me.”(**********)(*********)This video was taken around (*************************************************************************).(*****************************************************************) a.m. local time from an office building in central Wellington. Anna L said she could hear chanting from her office window as dozens of students were marching down Willis Street into Lambton Quay. (**********)(*********)“Most of New Zealand support the students with the climate change march, whatever side of the political spectrum they’re on. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen school students in New Zealand march in protest en masse!” she told CNN via Twitter.(**********)(*********)The city of Auckland also saw a huge turn out …(**********)(**************)(***************)(*********************)(****)(*****)2 hr 2 min ago(******)(*******)Asia is going big on the climate strike(********)(*********)By Jenni Marsh, for CNN(**********)(***********)(**)(*********)Asia is going BIG on the Global Climate Strike today. So far, there are (***************************************************************) events planned across India, (***********************************************************) in Australia and (************************************************************************) the Philippines. Students in China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are also taking part.(**********)(*********)Stay tuned for details …(**********)(**************)(***************)(**********************)(****)(*****)2 hr (***********************************************************************) min ago(******)(*******)From Lagos to London students strike for climate(********)(***********)(**)(*********)Adults have failed. Failed to slash emissions and failed to curb global warming — that is the view of hundreds of thousands of students who will protest climate inaction today, by taking part in the Global Climate Strike.(**********)(*********)From Lagos to London, strikes are planned in almost 1,(******************************************) towns and cities in over (************************************************) countries. Read more (***********************)here(*************). (**********)(**************)(***************)(************************)(****)(*****)2 hr 9 min ago(******)(*******)”Climate change is an issue that affects us all”(********)(***********)(**)(*********)Toby Thorpe, (*********************************************************************), grew up on the Australian island of Tasmania. (**********)(*********)He is helping organize a climate strike because he wants to ensure that future generations will experience the island’s natural beauty and clean air.(**********)(*********)”The reality of climate change really impacted my community this year, when bushfires ravaged the Huon Valley, and burned over (***********************************************),(*****************************************************************************) hectares of wilderness across the state,” he says.(**********)(*********)In other parts of the country, floods and tropical storms are wreaking havoc. (**********)(*********)A rallying point for Australian strikers is the plan to open the new Carmichael mine in central Queensland.(**********)(*********)”It’s outrageous. But we’re not going to sit and watch our futures being trashed because of their addiction to the fossil fuel industry,” says Thorpe.(**********)(*********)Read more about Thorpe’s motivation to become a climate activist (*************************)here(*************).(**********)(**************)(***************)(**************)(**************)(**************)


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