Tank a Hint and Be Mine! Watch Russian Soldier Propose to GF With Help of 16 MBTs



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Following the impressive display, a reporter from the Russian defence ministry’s official television channel suggested that the couple should hold their wedding at this summer’s annual Tank Biathlon games outside Moscow.

A lieutenant from the Russian Ground Forces’ 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Tamanskaya Tank Division has come up with a creative way to propose to his girlfriend, convincing his superiors and fellow servicemen to help him out.

Russia’s Zvezda television channel shot a report on the unique proposal, which took place at the Alabino testing grounds, about 20 km southwest of Moscow. 16 T-72B3 tanks could be seen lining up in the shape of a heart, with the lieutenant taking his bride to be to the center of the formation with her eyes covered.

“We have been together a long time. We’ve endured time and distance separating us. Will you marry me?” the soldier said, kneeling on one knee and presenting his woman flowers and a ring.

The woman, stunned by the surprise proposal, happily agreed. 

According to the reporter, the maneuver required no preparation ahead of time, with the tank crews trained to be able to create geometric patterns of any difficulty without any problems.

The Zvezda journalist covering the event quipped that the couple should hold their wedding at the upcoming Tank Biathlon games, which take place at the Alabino proving ground every August.


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