Donald Trump’s two-day functioning visit to the UK last July was accompanied by enormous protests in actual live and on social media alike. It’s virtually just the same These days.

Buckingham Palace on Tuesday declared Donald and Melania Trump’s state visit to the UK, that can be scheduled to take place from 3 to 5 June.

Some details are known to date: that the first few is expected to meet the Queen, that will supposedly host a banquet for 150 at Trump’s honour. He’ll also have a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May in 10 Downing Street.

Just like last year, the news instantly prompted an avalanche of responses from commenters, and not all them appear to be supportive of the upcoming visit.

(*)Labour MP Clive Lewis suggested that it may be an ideal moment to try to remember the infamous”Trump blimp”, a giant balloon which protesters floated above London the last time the POTUS came in the country’s capital.

Last August,” Trump’s wander in front of the Queen has been widely criticised on social media as a faux pas. The question is, will he fall into the exact identical trap?

Some state Her Majesty could trade her traditional hat for a much more unconventional headdress…

(Decision )…or find an suitable driver for Donald Trump.

Some appear willing to move to amazing lengths to keep the US President away from Albion. A wall or james Bond could do, jokers suggest.

The album cover Pink Floyd’s’Wish You Were Here’ also functions as a source of inspiration for those who don’t wish to watch Trump in the united kingdom.


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