Celebrities have proven to be role models in lots of ways. Perhaps this is why they are trying everything possible to ensure that they always appear great in public to represent their brands in the best way possible. However, there is no doubt that such an aim can hardly be achieved without having the best wardrobe stylists around. The major aim of this post will be to reveal some of the best celebrity wardrobe stylists in the world. These are top individuals who have helped celebrities to be at their very best during special events in many parts of the world.

1 Petra Flannery

Petra Flannery has been known to do one thing which is making her celebrity clients look very attractive. Some of those that she has worked with over the years are Maria Sharapova, Claire Danes, Amy Adams, Megan Fox, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, and others. Nothing short of the best is always expected from someone who seems to have discovered her talent and creativity in styling very early in life. She is from the US and has a follower base of 67,400 on Instagram.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Petra Flannery

2 Cristina Ehrlich

The American stylist Cristina Ehrlich deserves to be on the list of the best celebrity wardrobe stylists in the world for 2019. She has been listed amongst the most powerful fashion stylists on five different occasions by Hollywood Reporter. Some of her clients that she has rendered top services for over the years are Melonie Diaz, Allison Williams, Martha Stewart, Juliana Margulius, Seth Meyer, Penelope Cruz, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She has a follower base on Instagram, which totals 99,900.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Cristina Ehrlich

3 Fabrizio Crispino

Fabrizio Crispino is an Italian fashion stylist who has managed to make his mark amongst some top celebrities in the world of fashion. His areas of expertise are women, fashion, and accessories. According to him, the celebrity world requires that a stylist has to be updated with the current fashion trend to be relevant. This is perhaps why he has got a follower base of 39,842 people on Facebook.

Samples of a Celebrity Wardrobe style for Fabrizio Crispino

4 Phillip Bloch

Although Phillip Bloch is from the US, he has stayed in Europe for about eight years. There he was able to perfect his skills as a fashion stylist who works for top celebrities around the world. It is also worth mentioning that he is a television personality. He is highly sought after working as a fashion stylist for most top celebrities. As proof of his expertise, his followers on Instagram are 43,100.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Phillip Bloch

5 Yumika Hoskin

Yumika Hoskin is an Asian stylist who developed her fashion styling skills in Melbourne, Australia. She has a growing list of Eurasian models as clients due to how she has managed to demonstrate a great level of expertise over the years. She hasn’t only got that unique look amongst other stylists, but also a great personality. Her Instagram followers are 48,800.

6 Edward Enninful

Edward Enninful is a fashion stylist from London who has worked with some top celebrity personalities around the world. At the moment, he is working with W magazine. There is so much to be expected from someone who got scouted and trained by Simon Foxton. The high level of creativity created by Simon Edward in his works can hardly be disputed. This is evident in how he transformed Nicky Minaj and Kate Moss. His Instagram followers are 951,000.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Edward Enninful

7 Anya Ziourova

Anya Ziourova is a Russian celebrity fashion stylist who has managed to impact the world of celebrities far more than you can imagine. She is known as the queen of the Russian fashion industry, and it isn’t difficult to see why given the top personalities that she has worked with. With a follower base of 101,000 on Instagram, you will hardly bet against the skills of Anya Ziourova. She is currently a consultant for Allure Russia.

8 Jill and Jordan

Jill Lincoln & Jordan Johnson’s partnership has proven to be the best. Both have handled some top celebrities, thereby earning a reputation for having a very high level of creativity. Some of their clients are Sofia Vergara, Kiernan Shipka, and Jennifer Lawrence. They have proven to understand everything about dressing clients and making them look they’re very best in public, thereby creating the right impression. With a follower base of 34,200 on Instagram, you wouldn’t want to doubt their expertise.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Jill and Jordan

9 Nicola Formichetti

Although Nicola Formichetti is currently living in the US, he is an Italian-Japanese and has worked with some of the top celebrities in Hollywood. One of such is lady gaga. His sense for modern fashion designs is a complete definition of class, which is why he has proven to be highly sought lately. He has proven beyond every reasonable doubt to be one of the very best celebrity wardrobe stylists in the world. His Instagram account shows this with followers of 298,000.

Samples of Celebrity Wardrobe styles for Nicola Formichetti

10 Maeve Reilly

Very few celebrities have made positive impressions in red carpet like Los Angeles wardrobe stylist, Maeve Reilly. Some of the top celebrity personalities she has worked are Hailey Baldwin and Janelle Monáe. One of the best parts about Maeve Reilly is her ability to ensure that clients look perfect to suit different occasions. Her Instagram followers are 232,000.

Samples of celebrity Wardrobe styles for Maeve Reilly

Criteria for choosing the best celebrity wardrobe stylist

Based on the high ratings, the following criteria have been used:

  • Number of clients

This is one criterion that has been used to choose the best celebrity wardrobe stylists above.

  • Social media presence

The number of subscribers that these stylists have on social media platforms has also been greatly considered. For instance, some have over 200k followers on Instagram, which shows that they are simply the best in their field.

  • Level of experience

Stylist’s experience has been considered when it comes to meeting clients needs.


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