Top 10 Best Technology Journalists‎ in the World


There is a problem that you will always experience with every list on the internet. It is that some people will have to be left out. The reason for this isn’t because they aren’t good enough, but sometimes there are numerous names to mention. It is the same case for this list of 10 of the best technology journalists in the world. If you’re looking to discover some of the best journalists in the field of technology around the world, ensure to read every detail in this post. The professionals listed below have managed to impact the world in various ways through their opinions, views, and contributions on technology-related issues.

1 Seth Weintraub

Discovering the secrets of Seth Weintraub is like embarking on mission impossible, perhaps because he seems to be very versatile in terms of his areas of expertise. However, he is one journalist, you can learn a lot from when it comes to the field of technology. He is a Fortune Google columnist and has a vast understanding of technology. It is why he has been referred to as a technology addict in his twitter profile.

2 Steve Kovach

Steve Kovach has been able to successfully make some wonderful and impactful contributions in the field of technology. He is a renowned and popular name that deserves to be listed among others here. Some of his tech stories have been on reputable brands such as Verizon, Google, Uber, and Apple. If you want to learn how to deliver business reports that will have the most impact on any target audience, this is the guy to learn from. His contributions are professional and spot on.

3 Elizabeth Weise

Elizabeth Weise seems to be different amongst other technology journalists that have been mentioned in this post because she has proven to be very diverse and versatile in her knowledge, thereby covering most topics. If you are enthusiastic about technology but don’t have that patience to be paying attention to details for a very long time, you may want to be one of her subscribers. The best part about Elizabeth Weise is the fact that she will always have something for her fans. You’ll love her contributions on topics related to technology.

4 Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg has become very popular for his weekly articles on contemporary topics and issues in the technology industry. Some of his most popular topics are how immigration has contributed to the technological power of the US, amongst other countries in the world. There are also topics on Google phone. If you love technology but don’t know the right place to absorb quality information, Walt Mossberg ticks all the boxes in such regards.

5 Nicole Perlroth

Are you looking for where to learn about cybersecurity and its trends? The world of information technology is becoming more advanced, and there is a need to protect the data of end – users in a manner that it cannot be compromised or breached. There is no better professional out there to talk extensively on cybersecurity topics in the field of technology than Nicole Perlroth who happens to be a major contributor in the New York Times. She has very vast knowledge when it comes to issues related to cyber breaches.

6 Sarah Perez

Sarah Perez is another professional technology journalist that needs to be mentioned amongst the others on this list due to her contributions in the field of mobile technology over the years. In case you are looking for the right source to get firsthand information about developments taking place in the mobile industry, Sarah Perez is the right professional you can look up to. She has been known to discuss everything under the sun, which relates to mobile phones.  Her knowledge of such topics is unrivaled, and you will learn a lot from her contributions.

7 John Timmer

John Timmer is one of the best around when it comes to technology journalism. He is part of a publication known as Ars Technica which is focused on delivering science-related news to its target audience. This explains the fact that his knowledge of scientific matters is very vast and thorough. Always check his contributions to find out some of the latest trends in the field of technology.

8 Ken Yeung

Ken Yeung has been able to produce some of the prolific write-ups that the field of technology has ever seen. Do you care about issues or topics related to social media? If this sounds like you then you can learn a lot from the writings of Ken Yeung. His works are impactful, and you will find them captivating in lots of regards.

9 Sarah Frier 

Sarah Frier can’t seem to stop in terms of making some positive contributions to some of the most popular platforms on the internet. For instance, she works with Bloomberg as a regular contributor. Her opinions on technological matters can always be relied on, which is why you may need to become one of her subscribers today. If you are searching for someone who has proven to be an authority in the field of technology over the years, Frier has proven to tick all the boxes.

10 Eric M. Zeman

Eric’s knowledge about the phone market over the years cannot be disputed in any way. He doesn’t only cover news but also reviews which make him one of the best around that you can count for unbiased opinions about newly released products. He is the founder of, which is a website that is focused on delivering news about the mobile phone market. Always ensure to visit for regular update about what is happening in the market. Eric understands the ongoings and will always be willing to let his subscribers in.


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