Trump took out ONE terrorist so far in 2020, but Planned Parenthood will murder 400,000 human children before the end of this year

Image: Trump took out ONE terrorist so far in 2020, but Planned Parenthood will murder 400,000 human children before the end of this year

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News about President Trump’s decision to take out Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani has created quite the uproar, especially on the Left. But if lost lives are such a concern to Democrats that they’re now proposing a resolution to stop Trump from taking any more of them in the Middle East, then will they also take a stand for the approximately 400,000 unborn human lives that Planned Parenthood will murder in 2020?

The most recent annual report put out by the nation’s largest abortion provider reveals that in an average year, Planned Parenthood terminates the lives of about 400,000 babies. This means that almost half a million human lives are executed while still in the womb every year, even as liberals continue to whine about “border cages” and “children being separated from their parents.”

Somehow, it’s no big deal to tear tiny human bodies limb from limb in the name of “reproductive rights.” But the minute President Trump decides to eradicate a known terrorist for committing atrocities against other humans, the patron saints of the Democratic Party come out of the woodwork to cry about “human rights abuses” and the desperate need to stop the orange man in the White House from doing his job as Commander-in-Chief.

“Today we will have a resolution on the floor put forth by Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin – we’re very proud of her experience in terms of National Security, under Democratic and Republican presidents, now a member of Congress – putting forth a resolution this week,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stumbling through her words, announced at her weekly press conference.

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“Last week, in our view, the president and the administration conducted a provocative and disproportionate airstrike against Iran which endangered Americans, and did so without consulting Congress,” Pelosi went on to stake, making no mention of the thousands of drone strikes that occurred at the direction of Barack Obama, presumably without the prior congressional consultation that Pelosi believes Trump should have had.

Why does the Left hate unborn human life but adore terrorist human life?

Pelosi also compared the killing of Soleimani to the killing of the “second most important person in the [United States],” or Vice President Mike Pence. Whether she meant this as a simple comparison of position or a comparison of actual character and status between the two men remains unknown.

Nevertheless, the signaling coming from the Left is suggestive of human loss of life being a “tragedy,” even when the human in question was a terrorist. But this same Left completely ignores the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent human lives are aborted every year by Planned Parenthood. In fact, the Left actually celebrates death by abortion and infanticide as some kind of “virtue,” even as they mope around in mourning over Soleimani’s death by drone strike.

The Left would rather see untold numbers of innocent babies killed than even a single terrorist, it seems, because terrorists are more valuable than the unborn to leftists. The Left would also prefer to target Trump and put American lives at risk than to let Trump do his job, which often involves putting terrorists’ lives at risk.

This isn’t to say that the president shouldn’t be consulting with Congress and getting its approval before going to war – the Constitution requires this, it turns out. But the way the Left is ballyhooing about Soleimani while remaining completely silent about abortion genocide in this country speaks volumes as to the misplaced priorities of Leftists.

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